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Xi’s slams West: World doesn’t want hegemony


BEIJING/BOAO, CHINA: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for a rejection of hegemonic power structures in global governance, amid growing tensions between Washington and Beijing over a widening range of issues including alleged human rights abuses.

Speaking at the annual Boao Forum for Asia, Xi criticised efforts by some countries to “build barriers” and “decouple”, which he said would harm others and benefit no one.

China has long called for reforms of the global governance system to better reflect a more diverse range of perspectiv­es and values from the internatio­nal community, including its own, instead of those of a few major nations.

It has also repeatedly clashed with the biggest stakeholde­rs in world governance, particular­ly the US, over a range of issues from human rights to China’s economic influence over other countries. “The world wants justice, not hegemony,” Xi said in remarks broadcast to the forum.

“A big country should look like a big country by showing that it is shoulderin­g more responsibi­lity,” he said.

While Xi did not identify any country in his remarks, Chinese officials have in recent times referred to US “hegemony” in public criticisms of Washington’s global projection of power in trade and geopolitic­s.

China rejects accusation­s of abuses in Xinjiang

China’s government on Tuesday rejected accusation­s of abuses in the Xinjiang region after Human Rights Watch appealed for a UN investigat­ion into possible crimes against humanity.

Accusation­s of forced labour or detentions in the northweste­rn region are “lies and false informatio­n concocted by antiChina forces,” said a foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin. He accused critics of trying to “undermine Xinjiang’s stability and security and curb China’s developmen­t.”

Human Rights Watch appealed to the UN Human Rights Commission to investigat­e reports of mass detention of Muslims, a crackdown on religious practices and other measures against minorities, calling them “crimes against humanity”.

 ?? AP ?? Chinese President Xi Jinping at an event in Beijing.
AP Chinese President Xi Jinping at an event in Beijing.

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