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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced the launch of the India-US Climate and Clean Energy Agenda 2030 at the Leaders Summit on Climate convened by the US government on Thursday.

While not changing or upgrading India’s commitment­s under the Paris Agreement, Modi underlined that India was already doing its part and India’s per capita carbon emissions are 60% lower than the global average.

“We in India are doing our part. Our ambitious renewable energy target of 450 GW by 2030 shows our commitment. Despite our developmen­t challenges we have taken many bold steps on clean energy, energy efficiency, afforestat­ion and biodiversi­ty,” he said.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday pitched for concrete action at a “high speed” and on a large scale to combat climate change, and asserted that India was doing its part to deal with the challenge.

Addressing a US-hosted virtual summit of 40 global leaders, Modi also said sustainabl­e lifestyles and guiding philosophy of “back to basics” must be important pillars of the economic strategy for the post-COVID era.

The Prime Minister said he and President Biden are launching the ‘India-US climate and clean energy Agenda 2030 partnershi­p’.

“Together, we will help mobilise investment­s, demonstrat­e clean technologi­es, and enable green collaborat­ions,” he said at the summit.

Modi said India has taken “many bold steps” on clean energy, energy efficiency, afforestat­ion and bio-diversity despite its developmen­t challenges.

“For humanity to combat climate change, concrete action is needed. We need such action at a high speed, on a large scale, and with a global scope. We, in India, are doing our part,” the Prime Minister said.

“As a climate-responsibl­e developing country, India welcomes partners to create templates of sustainabl­e developmen­t in India. These can also help other developing countries, who need affordable access to green finance and clean technologi­es,” he said.

Modi said humanity is battling a global pandemic right now and the summit is a timely reminder that the grave threat of climate Change has not disappeare­d. The PPM also thanked President Biden for hosting the summit.

 ??  ?? PM Narendra Modi during the Leaders’ Summit on Climate via Video conferenci­ng, in New Delhi .
PM Narendra Modi during the Leaders’ Summit on Climate via Video conferenci­ng, in New Delhi .

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