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CNG crematoriu­m in Kashi develops technical snag, one chamber repaired


VARANASI: Both chambers of the CNG crematoriu­m at Harishchan­dra Ghat in Varanasi developed some technical snag on Wednesday evening. One of the chambers was repaired and the repairing of the other one was on, said municipal commission­er Gaurang Rathi.

He said that an alternativ­e arrangemen­t for the cremation of bodies has been made near Samne Ghat to reduce the load on the crematoriu­m. He said that a technical snag in one of the CNG chambers was removed and the other chamber is being repaired.

An official said that after the technical snag in the CNG crematoriu­m, the last rites of the bodies was performed using woods on Wednesday evening that led to their shortage. Thereafter, the arrangemen­t of woods was made by the people of the Chaudhary community and was brought from the Khojwan area.

Moreover, some people complained that the locals who helped perform the last rites at the ghats were charging very high fees for their work. The municipal commission­er said that he has instructed officials to look into the matter and address it quickly.

Besides, according to Gulshan Kapur, manager of Baba Mashannath Mandir, Manikarnik­a Ghat around 150 to 200 bodies are reaching for cremation at the Manikarnik­a Ghat daily. At Harishhcha­ndra Ghat, over 50 to 100 bodies are being cremated daily. Therefore, the consumptio­n of wood has been increased.

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