Com­bat in­di­ges­tion with home reme­dies

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Our di­ges­tive sys­tem is greatly chal­lenged, thanks to the ev­er­widen­ing menu of foods, colours, food pro­cess­ing chem­i­cals, ad­di­tives, preser­va­tives, etc. To add to this is­sue, we of­ten eat ir­reg­u­larly, ex­er­cise lit­tle, work late, sleep less and are con­stantly stressed.

Cer­tain foods and bev­er­ages can cause in­di­ges­tion as they ir­ri­tate the di­ges­tive tract. These in­clude al­co­hol, so­das, cof­fee, fried food, white flour-based foods, spicy and greasy food, pre­served foods, etc. You may also suf­fer from in­di­ges­tion if you have liver prob­lems, gall stones, ul­cers and lack friendly bac­te­ria. Psy­cho­log­i­cal fac­tors such as stress, anx­i­ety and anger also con­trib­ute to in­di­ges­tion.

Take a look at the fol­low­ing nat­u­ral reme­dies that help in al­le­vi­at­ing in­di­ges­tion:

Gin­ger: It has long been used as an aid for an up­set stom­ach. Its juice can be di­luted with wa­ter and honey, and con­sumed (slightly warm) if you have in­di­ges­tion. Those who ex­pe­ri­ence nau­sea and vom­it­ing will greatly ben­e­fit by us­ing gin­ger. Nau­sea caused due to preg­nancy, mo­tion sick­ness, in­di­ges­tion, or as a re­sult of anaes­the­sia or chemo­ther­apy can be cor­rected by us­ing gin­ger.

Pep­per­mint: Herb teas made from pep­per­mint leaves are very help­ful in com­bat­ing acid­ity and gas. Pep­per­mint oil con­tains men­thol, which has ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects on the in­testines.

Curd: If your in­di­ges­tion is due to lack of gut-friendly bac­te­ria, then hav­ing a bowl of curd a day will help you to re­store the bal­ance. Lac­to­bacil­lus aci­dophilus, a strain of bac­te­ria ex­ist­ing in curds helps to re­place the gut flora and im­prove over­all di­ges­tion.

Aloe vera: This plant is known for its medic­i­nal prop­er­ties. It helps solve a whole range of di­ges­tive prob­lems. In or­der to ex­tract fresh juice, just tear open the aloe vera leaf and scrape off the sticky juice with a spoon into a cup. Drink it fresh twice a day. It helps cor­rect acid­ity, con­sti­pa­tion, heart­burn and gas. It is an ex­cel­lent rem­edy for dry skin.

One can be re­lieved of nau­sea and vom­it­ing by hav­ing gin­ger juice

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