Yoga prac­tice should vary ac­cord­ing to sea­sons. Here are a few asanas best suited for sum­mer

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The sum­mer heat can get you to change your fit­ness and work­out regimen quite a bit. If vis­it­ing the gym ev­ery day seems like a dif­fi­cult task, then look at sim­ple and ef­fec­tive yoga asanas to stay fit. It also helps beat the heat and main­tain body tem­per­a­ture when the sun is too harsh.

The sum­mer ten­dency to con­stantly reach out for a sip may come in the way of do­ing asanas. How­ever, Dr

Hansaji J

Yo­gen­dra, di­rec­tor, The Yoga In­sti­tute, says, “If any­one feels thirsty, he or she can sip a lit­tle wa­ter and carry on. Also, dur­ing yoga prac­tice, if na­ture calls, at­tend to it im­me­di­ately,” adding, “One should not prac­tise yoga di­rectly on ground or floor. Al­ways spread a clean cloth, yoga mat and sit on it. Yoga prac­tice should be done slowly, calmly with­out any hurry, haste or ex­haus­tion. Al­ways fin­ish with a re­lax­ation pos­ture on your back af­ter fin­ish­ing yoga.”

Celebrity chore­og­ra­pher, Shia­mak Davar who has been prac­tis­ing yoga daily lists his sum­mer favourites. “The pranaya­mas that beat the sum­mer heat in­clude shee­tali pranayama, sheetkari pranayama and chan­drab­hedi pranayama. Also, the asanas in­clude shavasana, konasana and simhasana. These will def­i­nitely help you to stay healthy, fit and cool this

sum­mer,” he says.


Man­ish Pole, yogi, speaker-author and co­founder, To­tal Yoga, says, “In sum­mer, ex­ces­sive back­wards bend­ing in asana prac­tice is avoided. Rather, for­ward bend­ing and twists are em­pha­sised on. This is, if you’re prac­tis­ing in a nor­mal environment. If you’re prac­tis­ing in an AC stu­dio it might not mat­ter much.”

Rinul Pashankar, aerial yoga in­struc­tor and founder Om Stu­dio shares that poses such as co­bra pose (bhu­janga asana) helps you re­lease heat and cool down. The half spinal twists (ardhmat­sendrya asana) a mas­sage for the ab­dom­i­nal or­gans, spine twists also help in re­leas­ing ten­sion and stress of lower back, help­ing re­lax. Sim­ple neck ex­er­cises and savasana help to re­lease stress and cool the sys­tem.”

Pole shares that in sum­mer one should avoid prac­tis­ing yoga dur­ing the mid­dle of the day when it can get quite warm. “The fo­cus is on early morn­ing or sun­set time prac­tice. We avoid ex­ces­sive num­bers of surya na­maskars. Also, it is bet­ter to have light meals. Khich­hdi is a great sum­mer­time dish as are sal­ads

and but­ter milk and yo­ghurt­based prepa­ra­tions.”

Davar echoes the same thoughts, say­ing, “Any phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity in­creases body tem­per­a­ture, hence it’s best to avoid stren­u­ous, ex­ces­sive asanas. Also, avoid brisk breath­ing tech­niques. Prac­tice gen­tle med­i­ta­tive asanas dur­ing the sum­mer.”


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