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hindustant­imes HINDUSTAN TIMES, NEW DELHI/GURUGRAM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2020 INDIA STAYS AHEAD WITH HINDUSTAN TIMES 78 Mn. readers choose HT as their preferred source of credible and unbiased informatio­n everyday. 8 Mn. READERSHIP 70 Mn. UNIQUE USERS To access the ePaper, please scan the code below epaper.hindustant­imes.com Source: Print readership – TR (Main) – IRS Q4, 2019 Source: Digital- Comscore, MMX Multi- Platform Unique Visitors | Geo: India, May ’20 RAILWAY ELECTRIFIC­ATION, LUCKNOW GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB Deptt. of Water Supply & Sanitation Deptt. of Water Supply & Sanitation OPEN E-TENDER NOTICE PUNJAB RURAL WATER & SANITATION SECTOR IMPROVEMEN­T PROJECT PUNJAB RURAL WATER & SANITATION SECTOR IMPROVEMEN­T PROJECT No. RE-Ten-Civ-LKO-G-302-SPT-03 Date.31.07.2020 Dy Chief Engineer, Railway Electrific­ation, Lucknow acting E-Tender for for the Procuremen­t of Works Under RFQ/Shopping Procedures and on behalf of The President works mentioned below. of India invites Procuremen­t of Works Under RFQ/Shopping Procedures The ChAi.lAm GPWSC VillAge SohAl1u. Block Bhog1u. Distt. JAlAmdhA. c/o Executive Emgimee. W/S & SAmitAtiom Divisiom No. 2, JAlAmdhA. imvites bids (im e-1.ocu.elemt Po.tAl). AuglemtAti­om of WAte. Su11ly Schele VillAge SohAl1u. Block Bhog1u. Distt. JAlAmdhA. (Umde. PRWSSIP 1A (iii)/JJM). P.ovidimg Amd ImstAllimg st.Aight tubewell, Pul1img MAchime.y, OHSR Amd Pul1 ChAlbe., Dist.ibutiom Systel, WAte. Commectiom with WAte. Mete.. Tile 1e.iod of col1letiom 6 Momths & O&M 3 Momths fo. Bid Aloumt Rs. 180,00,00/-, (FOR DETAIL SEE BID DOCUMENTS) Omlime DAte & Tile f.ol 06.08.2020 At 1100 hou.s to 24.08.2020 At 1100 hou.s. TechmicAl bid o1emimg om dt. 24.08.2020 At 1300 Hou.s. Co..igemdul/Alemdlemt if Amy will be givem om the website omly. Website ElAil:- INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) Provision of 01 No TSS, 01 NO OHE/PSI Depot, 01 No TW Shed and 14 Units Staff Quarters (Type II - 08 Units, Type III - 04 Units and Type IV - 02 Units) at Bisalpur Station and other miscellane­ous works in between Shahjahanp­ur-Pilibhit-Tanakur section of North Eastern Railway in Gr-302 Name of work:- S.No. THROUGH E-PROCUREMEN­T SYSTEM The Executive Engineer W/S & Sanitation Division No. 2, Jalandhar invites bids. Constructi­on of Water Supply and Sanitation Sub Divisional No. 2 Office Building, Jalandhar including Public Health Services, Flooring and wall Tiles in Toilets, Estate Water Supply, Estate Sewerage, Internal Water Supply and Internal Sewerage System, Fire fighting equipments, Electrical services, etc. complete in all respect. (Under Component-4A of PRWSSIP-II). Rs. 33,46,000/- Lacs (FOR DETAIL SEE BID DOCUMENTS) Technical bid Opening on dt. 24.08.2020 at 1300 Hours. Corrigendu­m/Amendment if any will be given on the website only. website 1. RE-Ten-Civ-LKO-G-302-SPT-03 Tender no. Bid Online Date & Time Amount: from 06.08.2020 at 1400 hours to 24.08.2020 at 1100 hours. 2. Open Tender Type Period of Completion 12 Months 3. https://eproc.punjab.gov.in, Email: eewss.div2jaland­harpb@yahoo.com. https://eproc.punjab.gov.in, yahoo.com. eewss.div2jaland­harpb@ 81245887.47 Advertised Value (`) 4. Sd/- Earnest Money (`) 5. 556200.00 Executive Engineer W/S & Sanitation Division No. 2 Jalandhar Sd/- 6. Tender Closing Date Time Chairman GPWSC Village Sohalpur Block Bhogpur Distt. Jalandhar 28.08.2020 15:00 hrs 59161 59154 7. 45 Validity of Offer ( Days) 8. Bidding System Single Packet System Tender may be uploaded upto on IREPS web site The bidder can participat­e in the E-tender, the tender will be opened after on 15.00 hrs on www.ireps. gov.in. Date & Time for submission of E-tender and opening of tender Government of Punjab 9. 28.08.2020 ´FdV¨F¸FFa¨F»F d½Fôb°F d½F°FSX¯F d³F¦F¸F d»F0 Department of Informatio­n and Public Relations (DIPR) 15.00 hrs 28.08.2020. A»´FIYF»Fe³F BÊX-d³Fd½FQF AF¸FaÂF¯F ÀFc¨F³FF: d³F¸³F IYF¹FÊ WZX°Fb A»´FIYF»Fe³F BÊX-MZX³OXdSaX¦F IZY ¸FF²¹F¸F ÀFZ BÊXd³Fd½FQF AF¸FadÂF°F W`X- (1) d³Fd½FQF d½FdVFáXeIYS­X¯F ÀFa£¹FF: 08/d½F0ªFF0d½F0£F0/¦FF0¶FFQ/202021: d½Fôb°F ·F¯OXFSX IZY³ýi, ¦FFdªF¹FF¶FFQ ´FSX À»FFBÊXdOaX¦F QSX½FFªFûÔ IYû WXMXFIYSX AFG´F³FZ¶F»F QSX½FFªFZ »F¦FF³FZ IYF IYF¹FÊÜ A½Fd²F: 20 dQ³F,X d³Fd½FQF ¸Fc»¹F: ÷Y. 1180.00, ²FSXûWXSX ²F³FSXFdVF: ÷Y. 4000.00Ü (2) d³Fd½FQF d½FdVFáXeIYS­X¯F ÀFa£¹FF: 09/d½F0ªFF0d½F0£F0/¦FF0¶FFQ/2020-21: d½Fôb°F ·F¯OXFSX IZY³ýi, ÀFFdWX¶FF¶FFQ, ¦FFdªF¹FF¶FFQ ´FS À»FFBÊXdOaX¦F QSX½FFªFûaX IYû WXMXFIYSX AFG´F³FZ¶F»F QSX½FFªFZ »F¦FF³FZ IYF IYF¹FÊÜ A½Fd²F: 20 dQ³F, d³Fd½FQF ¸Fc»¹F: ÷Y. 1180.00, ²FSXûWXSX ²F³FSXFdVF: ÷Y. 4000.00Ü (3) d³Fd½FQF d½FdVFáXeIYS­X¯F ÀFa£¹FF- 10/d½F0ªFF0d½F0£F0/¦FF0¶FFQ/2020-21: d½Fôb°F ·F¯OXFSX IZY³ýi, WXFBÊXdOX»F IYF»Fû³Fe ¶Fb»F³QVFWXSX ´FSX À»FFBÊXdOaX¦F QSX½FFªFûÔ IYû WXMXFIYSX AFG´F³FZ¶F»F QSX½FFªFZ »F¦FF³FZ IYF IYF¹FÊÜ A½Fd²F: 01 ¸FFW,X d³Fd½FQF ¸Fc»¹F: ÷Y. 1180.00, ²FSXûWXSX ²F³FSXFdVF: ÷Y. 11000.00Ü (4) d³Fd½FQF d½FdVFáXeIYS­X¯F ÀFa£¹FF:- 11/d½F0ªFF0d½F0£F0/¦FF0¶FFQ/2020-21: d½Fôb°F ·F¯OXFSX IZY³ýi, ·FcOX ¶Fb»F³QVFWXSX ´FSX À»FFBÊXdOaX¦F QSX½FFªFûÔ IYû WXMXFIYSX AFG´F³FZ¶F»F QSX½FFªFZ »F¦FF³FZ IYF IYF¹FÊÜ A½Fd²F: 20 dQ³F,X d³Fd½FQF ¸Fc»¹F: ÷Y. 1180.00, ²FSXûWXSX ²F³FSXFdVF: ÷Y. 4000.00Ü d³Fd½FQF £Fb»F³FZ IYe dQ³FFaIY: 20.08.2020Ü d³Fd½FQF ·FF¦F-1 (d³Fd½FQF SXFdVF, ²FSXûWXSX SXFdVF), d³Fd½FQF ·FF¦F-2 (MZX¢³Fû IYFG¸FdVFʹF»F VF°FZË E½Fa °F±FF d³Fd½FQF ·FF¦F-3 (´FiFBÊXÀFd¶FOX) d³Fd½FQF £Fb»F³FZ IYe d°Fd±F IYû 10.00 ¶FªFZ °FIY BÊX-MZX³OXdSaX¦F ½FZ¶FÀFFBXMX ´FSX A´F»FûOX IYe ªFF¹FZ¦FeÜ d³Fd½FQF ·FF¦F-1 E½Fa ·FF¦F-2 CXÀFe dQ³F 16.00 AFG³F»FFBX³F £Fû»Fe ªFF¹FZ¦FeÜ IÈY´F¹FF ½FZ¶FÀFFBXMX E½Fa ´FSX d½FÀ°FFSX ¸FZÔ ÀF·Fe ªFF³FIYFSXe E½Fa d½F½FSX¯F/OXFCX³F»FûOX °F±FF A³¹F dIYÀFe ·Fe ´FiIYFSX IZY ÀFaVFû²F³F/d½FÀ°FFSX IZY d»F¹FZ d³Fd½FQF £Fb»F³FZ IYe dQ³FFaIY ÀFZ ´FWX»FZ °FIY »FFG¦FAFG³F IYSmÔXÜ IÈY´F¹FF d½FÀ°FÈ°F ªFF³FIYFSXe WZX°Fb QZÔ£ûÜ Ad²FVFFÀFe Ad·F¹F³°FF, d½Fôb°F ªFF³F´FQ d½F°FSX¯F £F¯OX, WXFBÊXdOX»F IYF»Fû³Fe, IYd½F³F¦FSX, ¦FFdªF¹FF¶FFQÜ WZX»´F»FFBX³F-0941220745­1, kkSXFáÑXdW­X°F ¸FZÔ d¶FªF»Fe ¶F¨FF¹FZÔll ´FÂFFaIY 630/d½F0ªFF0d½F0£Fa0/¦FF0¶FFQ/MXe-2, dQ³FFaIY: 04.08.2020 5th Floor, Punjab Civil Secretaria­t-1 Sector-1, Chandigarh - 160001 “Expression of Interest” Detailed Tender Notice & Tender Document: The detailed e-tender document is available on wef. at 15.00 hrs. Above tender document will be available for submission of offer on IREPS web site i.e. from All other terms and conditions in respect of above tenders are given in tender document. notice and tender 10. www.ireps.gov.in 03.08.2020 till 28.08.2020 www.ireps.gov.in For Selection of Contractor for preparatio­n and Installati­on of Five (05) Statues and One (01) Bust of Eminent Personalit­ies at various locations in Punjab on Design, Build and Transfer basis. EOI document can be downloaded from the website of DIPR Punjab i.e. Last Date of submission of EOI bids is 14.08.2020 to 28.08.2020. Executive Engineer, Railway Electrific­ation, Lucknow For & On behalf of President of India www.diprpunjab.gov.in 28.8.2020 PR/470/2020 Adk "Serving Customers with a Smile” Director Informatio­n & Public Relations, Punjab Chandigarh 59464 Credential­s) www.etender.up.nic.in ¶FªFZ IZY ¶FFQ www.pvvnl.org www.etender.up.nic.in www.pvvnl.org/ www.etender.up.nic.in DEPARTMENT OF EXCISE, GOVT. OF PUNJAB INVITES EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FROM LOGISTIC SERVICE PROVIDERS The Gover9ne9t of Pu9jab i9vites ex(ressio9 of I9terest fron I9terested (arties for (rovidi9g a con(lete ‘E9d to E9d Tra9s(ort Logistics Solutio9’ for Loadi9g, Tra9s(ort, U9loadi9g, Real-tine Mo9itori9g, Audit Trail etc. for Liquor Lice9sees of Pu9jab. The a((lica9t shall be ex(ected to (ro(ose a9 i99ovative a9d a9 e9d to e9d solutio9 for the novene9t of Liquor based o9 (ernits i9 the State. The objective is to fi9d a9 i9de(e9de9t Logistics (art9er for novene9t of liquor fron na9ufactur­i9g u9its of the State to retail ve9ds i9 the State. The Logistics (art9er should 9ot have a9y direct or i9direct i9terest or relatio9 with Liquor trade/Liquor Lice9sees of Pu9jab, Harya9a, Cha9digarh, H.P., Rajastha9. The (ro(osed nodel should i9clude, a Co9ce(t Note a9d a Prese9tati­o9 coveri9g the backgrou9d, ex(erie9ce a9d its (ro(osed solutio9 to neet the objective. All the nodels suggested by the i9terested (arties will becone (ro(erty of the Govt. of Pu9jab which nay be further used for drafti9g of RFP. The selected A((lica9ts nay be called for naki9g a (rese9tatio­9 of their nodels. No (ayne9t shall be give9 for the nodels/e9tries se9t by i9terested (arties at the stage of EOI. The e9tries are to be se9t at: For a9y queries co9tact: Raj(al Si9gh (Excise), Patiala Zo9e. Address: First Floor, Zila Mobile No: 98759-61105 Enail: Last Date & Tine for subnitti9g the (ro(osal: 1. 2. 3. dcex.pta@punjab.gov.in Khaira, Dy. Connissio9­er Parishad Buildi9g, Sirhi9d Road, Patiala, dcex.pta@punjab.gov.in 20.08.2020 59461

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