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Diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba were officialy restored on Monday, 54 years after the ties were broken 1959 Fidel Castro’s rebels take power as dictator Fulgencio Batista flees Cuba on Jan 1. The United States recognises the new government. 1960 Cuba nationalis­es US-owned oil refineries after they refuse to process Soviet oil. Nearly all other US businesses expropriat­ed soon afterward. The US declares an embargo on most exports to Cuba in October 1960. 1961 US breaks diplomatic relations in January. Three months later Castro declares Cuba a socialist state. 1962 In October, a US blockade forces removal of Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba. 1977 US President Jimmy Carter tries to normalise relations with Cuba. 1991 The collapse of the Soviet Union devastates the Cuban economy, but the country limps

along, under

Fidel Castro, and after 2006, under his brother Raul.

1996 Cuba’s hostile relations with many Florida-based migrants repeatedly lead to confrontat­ion. Cuban jets shoot down two planes operated by the Brothers to the Rescue group, killing four.

1998 The US arrests five Cuban spies and Cuba mounts an internatio­nal campaign to free them.

2009 Cuba arrests USAID contractor Alan Gross, accusing him of subversion.

2014 On December 17, US President Barack Obama and Raul Castro announce restoratio­n of diplomatic ties and exchange of prisoners.

2015 Cuba formally removed from a US terrorism blacklist. The former Cold War foes exchange diplomatic notes agreeing on July 20 as the date for restoratio­n

of full relations.

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