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What goes around, almost always comes around

- Rajvir Singh innervoice@hindustant­imes.com

These famous words of a wise soul apply to all of us in equal measure. We should know that good deeds are always rewarded and bad deeds never go unnoticed. A kind word spoken or a noble act performed years ago can come back to surprise you. Impatience and undue harshness to fellow beings, especially those who are dear to us, often lead to unpleasant consequenc­es. The ‘ripple effect’ that travels through our interwoven lives is sure to bring those unpleasant memories back. A kind word spoken is a kind word heard.

We may ignore or be rude to a person in need of help. But good deeds (and bad too) are never lost, they are perpetuall­y stored in infinite space and come back to us in due time. It’s not just philosophy but science too. The tales of people’s sins catching up with them are not rare. One such tale relates to the famous Paderewski-Hoover duo of World War I.

As the war raged, Europe looked to the US to provide succour. Herbert Hoover, the then head of US Food and Relief Administra­tion, worked overtime to save millions. He singled out Poland for special favours. There was a reason for that, though. Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the then Polish PM, had been his saviour in his personal tragedy during their younger days. But for Paderewski’s monetary backing, Herbert might not have attained education and therefore, the high position he did.

Hoover went on to become president of the US. The world revolves around the give-and-take phenomenon. We raise our children in the hope of getting back something from them, perhaps support in our old age.

Even animals return the war mth showered upon them. So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Do good to the world, and a world of good will happen to you.

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