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The purity of the game has been affected… disrepute has been brought to the game of cricket, the BCCI and the IPL to such an extent that now doubts abound in the public consciousn­ess about whether games are clean or not.

If those who indulge in corrupt practices forbidden by the rules of the game are an integral part of the franchise... the argument that these acts were personal and... the franchise cannot be held responsibl­e does not merit acceptance.

Huge injury has been caused to the image of cricket which is a passion for the millions of people. The purity of the game has been affected. Fans feel cheated and doubts abound if the Indian Premier League is clean.

The fact that Gurunath was an integral part of Chennai Super Kings, and most people saw him as the face of the team, he ought not to have indulged in betting practices. By regularly placing bets he acted in gross violations of the rules of the game.

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