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The only way you can cor­rect your life is when you dis­cover more of your­self. You can’t change the fruit that’s al­ready been pro­duced, but you can make to­mor­row’s fruit sweeter by nur­tur­ing the part hid­den un­der the ground, know­ing that even­tu­ally your ef­forts will af­fect the en­tire sys­tem on this planet. The same is im­por­tant in life. We must fo­cus on the in­vis­i­ble in or­der to change the vis­i­ble so that we may deal with hard times, and trans­form our strug­gles to happy mo­ments.

This is a story I heard while I was grow­ing up, an ap­proach to help us learn and grow, a story about light and darkness. Once upon a time, when the Earth was about to ex­pe­ri­ence darkness for the first time, peo­ple be­gan to panic. “The sun will set and darkness will cover ev­ery­thing. What will hap­pen to us?” they cried.

The darkness be­came ar­ro­gant want­ing to show its might. It set its foot on earth as the peo­ple hid in fear. But it is said that far away in a hut, one lit­tle lamp lifted its head and pro­claimed, “I chal­lenge you, darkness. I will be the light for the peo­ple. If noth­ing else, I won’t al­low you to set­tle around me. I’ll es­tab­lish light for my­self.”

Watch­ing that one lamp all the other lamps in every hut arose and the world watched in amaze­ment. These lit­tle lamps stopped darkness from ex­pand­ing. By un­der­stand­ing our mo­ti­va­tions, we ap­ply choice as a way to limit or lib­er­ate.

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