Hindustan Times (Jalandhar)

Pun­ish­ments meted out by Kan­jarb­hat pan­chay­ats


Pun­ish­ments are tra­di­tion­ally of three types and vary de­pend­ing on the caste and clan of the sus­pected of­fender:

Plac­ing a metal rod that has been n heated all night on a fire made of cow dung pat­ties. This is placed on the palm. If the party is in­no­cent, it is claimed that the rod will not burn you.

Ask­ing the of­fend­ing party to take a n coin out of a kad­hai of burn­ing oil. Dheej, or an­i­mal sac­ri­fice. n

‘Do­bar Kootna’ is the pun­ish­ment n for ‘fail­ing’ the vir­gin­ity test, which is a lengthy pu­rifi­ca­tion pro­ce­dure from strip­ping a wo­man naked or parad­ing her in min­i­mal clothes around the vil­lage to an­i­mal sac­ri­fice and hit­ting her with heated jowar

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