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Don­ald Trump's year in of­fice

From trad­ing barbs with North Ko­rean leader Kim Jong Un to dogged ac­cu­sa­tions of col­lu­sion with Rus­sia, Don­ald Trump's year has been tu­mul­tuous. HT takes a look at some high­lights of his year as US pres­i­dent, which he com­pletes on Jan­uary 20



Trump's time in of­fice has been dogged by al­le­ga­tions of col­lu­sion with Rus­sia to in­flu­ence the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. Trump de­nies the ac­cu­sa­tions, but at least three for­mer aides are un­der the scan­ner for their links to Moscow


In June, Trump pulled the US out of the Paris cli­mate ac­cord, a move which ex­perts con­sider a blow to fight­ing cli­mate change. In the sub­se­quent months, Nicaragua and Syria both signed the treaty, mak­ing the US the only coun­try in the world op­pos­ing it


Af­ter a white su­prem­a­cist rally in Char­lottesvill­e, Vir­ginia re­sulted in clashes and the death of a pro­tes­tor, Trump re­fused to ap­pro­pri­ate blame.

He said: "I think there is blame on both sides... You also had peo­ple that were very fine peo­ple on both sides"


Trump signed an ex­ec­u­tive or­der that re­stricted the en­try of na­tion­als from Libya, Su­dan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Ye­men and So­ma­lia into the US. That move has been legally chal­lenged on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions, and to­day, the re­stric­tions ap­ply to cit­i­zens of Libya, Syria, Iran, Ye­men, So­ma­lia, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela


Re­la­tions be­tween North Korea and the US have de­te­ri­o­rated con­sid­er­ably over the past year, with Py­ongyang's mis­sile tests and Wash­ing­ton's sanc­tions en­rag­ing the lead­ers of both coun­tries. Trump has called Kim "lit­tle rocket man" and promised him with "fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

 ?? REUTERS FILE ?? Don­ald Trump, the self-pro­claimed “stable ge­nius”
REUTERS FILE Don­ald Trump, the self-pro­claimed “stable ge­nius”
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