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On a typ­i­cal per­ma­cul­ture plot, tall, hardy trees form the outer perime­ter. Trees with large canopies, like mango, are planted here and there to of­fer shade to the shrubs. The shrubs are typ­i­cally peren­ni­als like lemon­grass, tulsi, kadi­patta and drum­stick, which of­fer diver­sity and con­trib­ute to mulch.

The in­ner zones are care­fully de­signed to grow nu­tri­ent-in­ten­sive cash crops like maize along with legumes like beans, which pro­vide ni­tro­gen to en­rich the soil.

There are fur­ther zones for aqua­cul­ture, poul­try and bee-keep­ing.

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