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ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 20)

You will need to curb your lack of per­sis­tence at work and sharpen your fo­cus to suc­ceed. De­vote full time on a project in hand. You will be able to keep your prom­ise and make spouse happy. Prop­erty and other as­sets can come to some by way of in­her­i­tance. Re­main­ing in the good books of those who mat­ter on the aca­demic front will not be dif­fi­cult. Some ex­cit­ing news awaits you on the home front.

Love Fo­cus: Romance may need to be kept on the back­burner due to some press­ing com­mit­ments.

Lucky Num­ber: 5 Lucky Colour: Yel­low

TAURUS (APR 21 - MAY 20)

Those who are play­ing the stocks may get it right the first time. You will man­age to keep up the pace of work on the pro­fes­sional front. A bal­anced diet will help keep you in shape. Peace pre­vails on the home front as you en­joy to­geth­er­ness with oth­ers. An in­ter­est­ing project may come your way on the aca­demic front. Your friendly and help­ful na­ture will help ex­pand your so­cial cir­cle. Bore­dom is likely to set in the daily rou­tine.

Love Fo­cus: Do not take things for granted on the ro­man­tic front.

Lucky Num­ber: 4 Lucky Colour: Dark Slate Grey

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 21)

An op­por­tu­nity on the fi­nan­cial front, if seized im­me­di­ately, can give good re­turns. There is prac­ti­cally noth­ing that can stop you from ex­celling on the pro­fes­sional or aca­demic front! Ef­forts on the health front will keep you fit. Friends and rel­a­tives look up to you for sup­port and in­spi­ra­tion, so don’t dis­ap­point them. A prop­erty is­sue will be set­tled am­i­ca­bly. You are likely to have your way on the aca­demic front.

Love Fo­cus: Your love life is cer­tain to look up, as you be­gin to feel closer to the one you love.

Lucky Num­ber: 1 Lucky Colour: Orange


Wealth comes your way from un­ex­pected sources. Ef­forts to keep a step ahead of ri­vals on the pro­fes­sional front will be suc­cess­ful. Those suf­fer­ing from a life­style dis­ease will man­age to keep good health. You will find im­mense sat­is­fac­tion in spend­ing time with fam­ily. Prop­erty own­ers will be able to rent out their prop­erty. On the aca­demic front, you may have to put your nose to the grind­stone to fare well.

Love Fo­cus: Fall­ing in love seems pos­si­ble, as the one you ad­mire grows warm to­wards you.

Lucky Num­ber: 9 Lucky Colour: Bronze Yel­low


(OCT 24 - NOV 22)

Fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion is set to im­prove through your ef­forts. Im­press­ing those who mat­ter at work will not be dif­fi­cult. Some­one in the fam­ily is likely to test your pa­tience, but please don’t lose it! Suit­able ac­com­mo­da­tion is likely to be hired by some. Ex­tend­ing help on the aca­demic front may eat up your time, so take your call. An op­por­tu­nity to in­ter­act with friends and re­la­tions will soon be yours. Love Fo­cus: You will find part­ner more lov­ing and emo­tion­ally sup­port­ive.

Lucky Num­ber: 18 Lucky Colour: Metal­lic Brown


(SEPT 24 - OCT 23)

Con­scious ef­fort on your part will go a long way in im­prov­ing your fi­nan­cial con­di­tion. Feel­ing ne­glected by those who mat­ter at work should not come in the way of your per­for­mance. Health wor­ries be­come a thing of the past, as you take steps to achieve to­tal fit­ness. Show­ing con­cern for a fam­ily el­der will win you the brownie points you so des­per­ately want. Prop­erty is­sues will be set­tled in your favour.

Love Fo­cus: Romance takes a back­seat to­day, as you have too much on your mind.

Lucky Num­ber: 8 Lucky Colour: Beige

VIRGO (AUG 24 - SEPT 23)

Free­lancers can in­crease their earn­ing po­ten­tial at this point. You will get a chance to tap your po­ten­tial on the pro­fes­sional front and man­age to im­press those who mat­ter. Eat­ing right will be your key to main­tain­ing good health, so stick to it. Im­press­ing some­one on the aca­demic front will not pose much prob­lem, as you play on your strengths. An in­door sport­ing ac­tiv­ity will help bring back your en­ergy and strength.

Love Fo­cus: Young cou­ples can find the day to be ex­tra spe­cial.

Lucky Num­ber: 18 Lucky Colour: Yel­low

LEO (JULY 23 - AUG 23)

Spend­ing on an item you badly need can prove heavy on the pocket. Pro­fes­sion­ally, your per­for­mance is likely to be ap­pre­ci­ated. Changes ex­e­cuted on the work front may not work out the way you had an­tic­i­pated. A prized prop­erty is likely to come in your name and make you proud. Chance for higher stud­ies is likely to be availed. You are likely to en­joy the day with your near and dear ones. Love Fo­cus: Love is in the air and you may make spe­cial ef­forts to make the evening ro­man­tic!

Lucky Num­ber: 17 Lucky Colour: Green


(NOV 23 - DEC 21)

You can get more con­scious of your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion and get into the sav­ing mode. Keep­ing those who mat­ter in good hu­mour on the pro­fes­sional front will keep your chances of bet­ter­ment alive. Eat­ing right and shaking a leg will keep you in a fine fet­tle on the health front. Fam­ily elders will be proud of your achieve­ment on the so­cial front. You will be able to achieve your dream on the aca­demic front.

Love Fo­cus: Ro­man­tic front is likely to be­come hap­pen­ing through your ini­tia­tive.

Lucky Num­ber: 15 Lucky Colour: Peach


You will need to keep a check on your spend­ing by not splurg­ing. You may not be in the best of sit­u­a­tions on the pro­fes­sional front to­day. Your per­sis­tence on the fit­ness front is likely to bring pos­i­tive re­sults soon. You may need to keep some ma­jor pur­chases on the hold for now. Prospects on the aca­demic front are set to brighten. You may be forced to do some­one’s bid­ding which may not be to your lik­ing.

Love Fo­cus: An ex­cel­lent op­por­tu­nity to re­alise ro­man­tic as­pi­ra­tions may present it­self soon, so be pre­pared!

Lucky Num­ber: 2 Lucky Colour: Laven­der


Do not worry about your fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion which has been both­er­ing you of late. You are likely to de­rive much plea­sure in earn­ing well through a busi­ness deal. A pleas­ant sur­prise can be sprung by spouse or some­one close. A prop­erty is­sue will be re­solved am­i­ca­bly through mu­tual ef­forts. Other com­mit­ments may not al­low you to de­vote full time to a so­cial func­tion.

Love Fo­cus: Love is in the air and you are likely to en­joy it to the hilt to­day.

Lucky Num­ber: 9 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

PISCES (FEB 20 - MAR 20)

Money does not seem to pose much prob­lem as new av­enues for earn­ing open up. You will be able to prove your point with some­one at work that you had been try­ing for long. A fam­ily young­ster is likely to do you proud by his or her aca­demic per­for­mance. You will be able to com­plete the doc­u­men­ta­tion of a prop­erty re­lated mat­ter. You are likely to keep things pro­gress­ing sat­is­fac­to­rily on the aca­demic front.

Love Fo­cus: You will man­age to take the right steps on the ro­man­tic front to win some­one you find ir­re­sistible!

Lucky Num­ber:22 Lucky Colour: Vi­o­let

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