Hindustan Times (Jalandhar) : 2020-06-21

HTWEEKEND : 13 : 13


hindustant­imes 13 SUNDAY HINDUSTAN TIMES, CHANDIGARH JUNE 21, 2020 htweekend Connectivi­ty Adequate lighting The right furniture If you’re not using a landline, a Bluetooth or wireless handsfree headset will make things easier. Check your internet connectivi­ty too. There’s nothing more disruptive and stressful than a Net connection that blinks in and out. Poor lighting will worsen the strain on your eyes, so try and set your workstatio­n up near a window. If that’s not possible, consider a good lamp with softer, yellow tones. A clamp-on lamp can be a good choice for a temporary workspace. Since your laptop also emits light, use a dimmer bulb — in the range of 20 to 30 watts. Variable desks are popular for at-home workers because they fit on a table, allowing you to sit or stand while you use them. Ideally, keep the computer screen 20 inches away from your wrists, and make sure the centre of the screen is at eye level. 5 3 n 4 1 2 DESK ESSENTIALS Napkins: A quick fix for the inevitable spill 1 Powering up Seating plan Pen and paper: You know you need them; keep them handy A bottle of water: Regular hydration is important Coasters: Keep the desk clean and dry Clock: To make sure you’re tracking and using, not losing, time 2 The right chair makes all the difference. The more time you spend at your desk, the more carefully you need to think about the chair. Features to look out for are adjustable height so that your feet can touch the ground firmly; adequate arm width to support the elbows and keep them in line with the desk and keyboard; lumbar and upper-back support; a chair back that is slightly tilted rather than ramrod straight, for better tension control. Getting the position of your plug points right is essential if you want to avoid tripping all over your wires or spilling coffee on your gear. If one plug point is not enough, invest in a good extension cord. 3 4 5 n

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