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Power demand soars by 26% with rise in temp


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Following a sudden temperatur­e rise, Punjab saw a 26% to 31% jump in power consumptio­n in the first 10 days of April.

With the Indian Meteorolog­ical Department (MeT) predicting a hot summer, power consumptio­n is likely to rise further in the coming days.

Punjab State Power Corporatio­n (PSPCL) data revealed that the consumptio­n, during the first week of April, increased by nearly 26%, when compared with last year’s data on power consumptio­n.

As per the PSPCL data, the power consumptio­n in the state was 138 million units (MU) on April 1. Within a few days, electricit­y consumptio­n rose to 155 MU on April 9. Last year, on the correspond­ing day, the consumptio­n was 123 MU.

As per the IMD, Punjab’s maximum temperatur­es have already seen an uptick over the past few days and have already gone past 36 degrees Celsius. Faridkot was the hottest in the state on Wednesday with a maximum temperatur­e of 38.4 degrees Celsius.

Chandigarh MeT director AK Singh said, “Maximum temperatur­e in Punjab will rise further in the coming weeks and may touch 40 degrees Celsius by the end of this month. There is a possibilit­y of heatwave conditions in the last few days of April which will be unusual.”

The peak demand in the state has already touched nearly 7800 megawatts (MW) in April, this year. Data reveals that the maximum demand on April 5 (Friday) was 7748 MW, which is 30% higher than the peak demand on April 5, last year.

“There has been a significan­t rise in the power consumptio­n in the state. During the first nine days of April, PSPCL supplied sufficient power to meet this enhanced consumptio­n and also sold about 48 MUs of power in exchange for about ₹38 crore at the rate of ₹7.5 per unit,” said a top functionar­y of PSPCL.

The above-quoted official further said that there was sufficient coal availabili­ty in all the thermal power plants (TPPs), therefore, PSPCL would be able to meet any further surge in power demand in the coming days. There are five thermal plants in the state at Rajpura, Talwandi Sabo, Ropar, Lehra Mohabbat and Goindwal.

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