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Kangana, Vikramadit­ya exchange barbs

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On reaching the tourist town of Manali, actresstur­ned-politician Kangana Ranaut, who is and Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP) Lok Sabha candidate from Mandi, said that she would fight the dynastic politics in Himachal Pradesh.

She said that developmen­t will be the main poll plank for her.

“New people and outsiders should be given a chance. In the film industry also, I had to struggle with dynasties. They (the INDIA bloc) are not able to decide on their candidate. They seem to be nervous and scared and have no political issues left. That is why they are making irrelevant statements about women. We need an airport here for tourism,” she said on the sidelines of the public meeting in her home town.

Flays Rahul Gandhi

She made an attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and public works minister Vikramadit­ya Singh, and said “there is a‘pappu’ in Delhi and another in Himachal.”

“He (Vikramadit­ya Singh) claims that I consume beef. Why doesn’t he give proof,” questioned Kangana.

“There must been some evidence with him, some photograph, a restaurant bills or someplace where I sat . He is a liar,” she said.

“What can we expect from him when Rahul Gandhi says he wants to destroy Shakti,” the Mandi nominee further added. “Vikramadit­ya says that I am impure and I should be purified in Himachal. Why does he feel that I am impure?Because I carved out a niche in Mumbai without using my parent’s name?,” she added

Retaliatin­g to Kangana’s remarks, the minister said that no Himachal politician has ever used a language she is using.

Vikramadit­ya took to his social media handle hours after Ranaut’s remarks.

“The biggest disaster struck Mandi and Manali. She (Kangana) says that she has a home in Manali. Did she ever visit Manali during the disaster. I was present,”said he, and added, “We brought Union minister Nitin Gadkari to Manali. The chief minister apprised him about the situation at ground zero.”

State Congress chief Pratibha Singh called upon the party workers to unite and contest the elections, saying that the four Lok Sabha seats and bypolls on six assembly seats are crucial for the Congress’s win.

Pratibha said that the Congress was fighting a battle to protect democracy and the country is troubled by the dictatorsh­ip and anti-people policies of the BJP.

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Kangana Ranaut and Vikramadit­ya Singh

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