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An intensive film-making course, 'Ctrl alt cinema' is set to roll out at Kaladham, Knowledge Park 2, Greater Noida from July 3-16 this summer. The course brings together a stellar collection of film-makers, cinematogr­aphers and academics providing students fortnight of exposure to the fundamenta­ls of cinema.

The likes of Sudeep Chatterjee, (director of photograph­y, for films such as Bajirao Mastani and Chak de India), Kamal Swaroop (director of the cult film Om Darbadar, and the man who actually coined the phrase 'emotional atayachar') and distinguis­hed documentar­y filmmaker RV Ramani will be sharing their insights. Sandeep Chatterjee, head of the department of direction and screenwrit­ing at FTII Pune, will anchor the lectures and guide students hands on.

The course is being conducted under the 'In you' platform, founded by actress Meghna Kothari (Bride and Prejudice, Prem Aggan), architect and artist Satyakam Saha and author Avirook Sen. 'In You' aims to make all forms of art more accessible, inclusive and relevant. It is located in the artist's enclave of Kaladham.

Talking about the venture being launched at Noida, actor Meghna Kothari says, "Greater Noida has a vibrant student community which is without doubt full of talent and potential. We would like to see that potential and talent of each student is well expressed."

The founders informed that this will just be a beginning as wide range of activities are planned for future. That includes dance classes that will have the blessings of Pandit Birju Maharaj, writing workshops with Sen and other authors, along with a variety of fine arts master classes. More informatio­n on these activities can be found at www.inyou.in. The last date to sign up for Ctrl alt cinema' is June 5.

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