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■ Janusir­sasan: Ev­ery yogi knows that at the end of their asana rou­tine, the best way to cool off is per­haps by prac­tis­ing janusir­sasana. It im­me­di­ately switches on the parasym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem and so the body be­gins to cool off.

■ Pad­has­tasana: It is an easy asana, as you don’t re­ally need to warm up. Just by drop­ping your body for­ward, you will be re­lax­ing your ner­vous sys­tem, and re­duc­ing your meta­bolic rate and body heat.

■ Meru­dan­dasana: The spine al­lows you to re­lax deeply, thereby once again mov­ing from sym­pa­thetic to parasym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem ac­ti­va­tion. This helps you to cool off.

■ Ardha mat­syen­drasana :A com­plete side twist that helps re­lax you deeply. It’s great af­ter a yoga or ex­er­cise rou­tine and also at any­time (morn­ing or evening) when your stomach is not full. Shavasana:

Shavasana along with deep breath­ing re­laxes the ner­vous sys­tem more than any other yo­gasana. And, this in­stantly brings down body tem­per­a­ture.

■ Left nos­tril breath­ing: Close your right nos­tril and breathe through the left nos­tril. Slowly the parasym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem ac­ti­vates and this causes adren­a­line to be re­duced, think­ing be­comes calmer, heart rate slows and so body tem­per­a­ture drops.

■ Sheetkari pranayama: It is one of the most ef­fec­tive yoga tech­niques to beat the heat. Join your teeth, open your lips and draw in an in­hala­tion. As the air passes through your spit, it cools down and hence as it en­ters your body it cools it from in­side. Ex­hale out through the nose. In about five min­utes, the body tem­per­a­ture drops. This is one of the most ef­fec­tive yoga tech­niques to beat the heat.

Purna bhu­jan­gasana


Prasarita asana

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