Curly hair, don’t care? Tips to keep them beau­ti­ful, man­age­able

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Agirl with bouncy, curly hair at­tracts the envy of all those who yearn to flaunt a head full of curls some day. But only those with this hair type or style know about the heavy-duty main­te­nance it de­mands. From your selec­tion of comb to the hair­cut to the sham­poo you use, one has to get it all right to keep the hair fab, and far from look­ing all fuzzy. Here are some tips:

1. Avoid us­ing hair­brushes. Al­ways comb your hair from the bot­tom up with a widetooth comb to avoid break­age of hair. Now, while comb­ing is a good idea, don’t do it too of­ten or it will lead to hair­fall and frizzi­ness.

2. Cock­tail your hair prod­ucts by mix­ing the serum with hair mousse and co­conut oil. It gives a smooth tex­ture to curly hair.

3. Do not loop your hair with your fin­ger. Be­cause your fin­ger takes away the mois­ture from your hair and that fur­ther leads to break­age.

4. Be very spe­cific about the fab­ric of the towel you are us­ing. Try avoid­ing the ones which ab­sorb too much wa­ter out of your hair. For ex­am­ple, ter­ra­cotta should be avoided.

5. Do not be very ex­per­i­men­tal with your hair styling prod­ucts. It may not suit your scalp and hair type and lead to side ef­fects.

6. Add es­sen­tial oils to your hair care regime to avoid and tame the ex­ist­ing frizz. Ap­ply­ing ap­ple cider vine­gar to your stub­born curls can help smoothen them.

7. Tie your hair in a way that al­lows it to breathe. A slightly loose top bun or chignon are the ideal hair­dos.

8. Be very par­tic­u­lar about your pillow covers. It’s best to sleep on a satin cover so that it does not leave your hair tan­gled and messy.

9. Use a dif­fuser to even out your curls. It bal­ances the amount of frizz af­ter your hair dries nat­u­rally.

10. Ar­gan oil and Moroc­can red clay pow­der, when mixed and ap­plied, in­stantly clean your scalp, thereby aiding bet­ter and softer hair growth.

11. Add may­on­naise to your hair care rou­tine, as it deeply mois­turises your hair. Also, a mix­ture of curd and oil when ap­plied to the lengths of your hair and washed with a mild sham­poo makes your mane soft and shiny.

12. Curly hair tends to get dry very soon. Oil­ing it reg­u­larly is the best way to go about main­tain­ing it. Or, mas­sage hydrating aloe vera gel into your scalp. Also, the use of ba­nana-honey hair masks will help lock in the mois­ture.

13. It is rec­om­mended to use sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers that are meant for dam­aged hair. As we men­tioned ear­lier, curly hair is usu­ally dry, so us­ing a sham­poo with milder in­gre­di­ents will help keep the mois­ture in­tact.

14. The curlier the hair, the longer should be its length. The weight of the lay­ers gives an il­lu­sion of less vo­lu­mi­nous hair.

15. Ap­ply Vase­line to your baby hair to set­tle them down.


Curly hair can be hard to main­tain

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