NOVEM­BER 4 - 10, 2018

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ARIES (MAR 21 ­ APR 20)

Busi­ness and pro­fes­sional mat­ters are re­solved ef­fort­lessly with your old mas­tery and ex­per­tise. Avoid se­ri­ous and heavy at­ti­tudes as they only get you stuck and blocked. Par­ents and older rel­a­tives may need and de­mand your time and en­ergy. There seems to be tremen­dous trust aris­ing within you that al­lows you to take a leap into the fu­ture with­out fear or prepa­ra­tion of any kind. You have noth­ing to lose and that which can be taken from you is not worth keep­ing any­way! Your in­ner trea­sure is your trust in life, your free­dom and your in­no­cence that re­mains with you de­spite changes of any kind. Lucky num­ber: 4 Good colour: Rusty Red

TAURUS (APR 21 ­ MAY 21)

Be flex­i­ble and elas­tic about plans and ideas as this is a time to get on with your busi­ness rather than be stuck or caught up in ego con­flicts. You tend to get angry or over re­act to sit­u­a­tions so re­main cen­tered and wit­ness­ing within. You are blessed with love, care and a peace­ful at­mos­phere that sur­rounds you and dis­solves your strug­gle and suf­fer­ing. At­ti­tudes are trans­formed and sit­u­a­tions move in a pos­i­tive di­rec­tion. Your body re­cov­ers health and en­ergy. You are now ripe, ready and avail­able to be healed so you can move into the fu­ture, more healthy and whole. Lucky num­ber: 6 Good colour: Sky Blue

GEMINI (MAY 22 ­ JUN 21)

Since you ac­cepted the re­cent chal­lenges life of­fered, you are able to find suc­cess in pro­fes­sional ven­tures and ful­fil­ment in per­sonal re­la­tion­ships. Love and ro­mance bring you to spe­cial mo­ments and re­la­tion­ships in your life. Fi­nan­cial gain and suc­cess in busi­ness can also be ex­pected. En­joy the peak while it lasts but don’t get at­tached or ad­dicted to it as this too shall pass. Be ready to also en­joy and re­lax in the val­ley when that comes. You can ex­press true feel­ings, ideas and plans with­out be­ing afraid of con­se­quences. There is good luck at­tend­ing any new be­gin­nings you make. Lucky num­ber: 6 Good colour: Burnt Orange

CANCER (JUN 22 ­ JUL 22)

With crys­tal clar­ity of mind and in­tel­lect you cut away from the past, drop dead weight and go with sin­gle­pointed en­ergy to­wards cre­ative and per­sonal ob­jec­tives. You are able to look at pri­or­i­ties and cut through re­stric­tions and lim­i­ta­tions in per­sonal or pro­fes­sional sit­u­a­tions to ar­rive at peace­ful res­o­lu­tions. It’s worth your while to stay with es­tab­lished busi­ness part­ner­ships and com­mit­ments rather than be tempted to take up many projects and op­por­tu­ni­ties at this point. Be lov­ing and car­ing with fam­ily and friends. You can be ruth­less when point­ing to truths at the cost of hurt­ing oth­ers or your­self. Lucky num­ber: 1 Good colour: Emer­ald Green

LEO (JUL 23 ­ AUG 23)

You can be de­pen­dent on oth­ers when de­ci­sions need to be taken or pri­or­i­ties are to be ex­pressed. You can be dreamy and tran­quil in per­sonal re­la­tion­ships but need to be more re­al­is­tic and coura­geous to en­counter the truth. At this point, your mind is not busy and aggressive or hin­der­ing you from lis­ten­ing pas­sively to the rhythm of the heart. You are able to ac­cept with grat­i­tude and live what life brings with­out any ex­pec­ta­tions or de­mands! Sen­si­tiv­ity, in­tu­ition and com­pas­sion are the qual­i­ties that shine forth, dis­solv­ing bar­ri­ers and judg­ments and bring­ing you closer to your­self and oth­ers this week. Lucky num­ber: 6 Good colour: Old Rose

VIRGO (AUG 24 ­ SEP 23)

You are able to achieve pro­fes­sional suc­cess ef­fort­lessly with­out much fuss or in­ter­rup­tion this week. You sup­port a wor­thy cause to im­prove the lot of women or chil­dren and make a valu­able con­tri­bu­tion. Chil­dren play sig­nif­i­cant roles in your life. Move with the sweet­ness and gen­tle­ness of this time - feel the flut­ter­ing within and spread your wings to be free! A cre­ative op­por­tu­nity al­lows you to be orig­i­nal and ex­press your ideas freely. A per­sonal re­la­tion­ship is vi­tal and ro­man­tic with en­ergy and fire. This is not a time to look for com­mit­ment or prom­ises but to ex­pe­ri­ence the mo­ment in its to­tal­ity. Lucky num­ber: 11 Good colour: Soft Pink

LIBRA (SEP 24 ­ OCT 23)

It’s time to let go the past with all its per­sonal and pro­fes­sional at­tach­ments and make new be­gin­nings this week. De­lay and dis­rup­tion in busi­ness and fi­nan­cial mat­ters causes anx­i­ety but also teaches you an im­por­tant les­son. You rec­og­nize that some­thing is fin­ished and com­pleted, it could be a job, as­sign­ment, re­la­tion­ship or a home and have to bid farewell. Some­thing greater and new di­men­sions are wait­ing to be dis­cov­ered. In any case, you have turned the cor­ner and there is no point in look­ing back! A lit­tle bit of in­tro­spec­tion and med­i­ta­tion al­lows you to feel lib­er­ated, drop bur­dens and go be­yond lim­i­ta­tions. Lucky num­ber: 8 Good colour: Creamy White


You man­age busi­ness af­fairs with skill, ca­pa­bil­ity and cre­ativ­ity to achieve fi­nan­cial sta­tus and pro­fes­sional re­pute.. Fam­ily and chil­dren are able to han­dle their own af­fairs and sup­port you as well, but need ap­pre­ci­a­tion and love from you. A son or young man close to you is ready to em­bark on an in­de­pen­dent pro­fes­sional jour­ney and seeks your bless­ing or good­will. In­te­grate Yin (re­cep­tive) and Yang (dy­namic) en­er­gies within and ex­press your gen­tle side if you are a man and strong as­pects if you are a woman in per­sonal and pro­fes­sional sit­u­a­tions. Love, ro­mance, work and med­i­ta­tion keep you busy! Lucky num­ber: 14 Good Colour: Sea Green


You in­ter­act with and make an im­pact on peo­ple in your so­cial and busi­ness cir­cles this week. It’s best to stop and go in­wards dur­ing a busy day to re­vi­tal­ize your en­ergy and gain per­spec­tive. Per­sonal re­la­tion­ships are ro­man­tic and ex­cit­ing. It’s ad­vis­able to re­tain bal­ance and har­mony in the fam­ily or you may touch some sen­si­tive chords and in­vite an out­burst. You feel at home wher­ever you are with an in­ner qual­ity of re­lax­ation and ac­cep­tance when you med­i­tate and do some in­tro­spec­tion this week! You have a new at­ti­tude of ac­cep­tance that en­hances love, cre­ativ­ity and friend­ship this week. Lucky num­ber: 1 Good colour: Royal Blue


Armed with an art­ful mas­tery of your craft, you achieve goals and tar­gets. Syn­ergy and co­op­er­a­tion at work is an as­set when you are work­ing against odds and meet­ing al­most im­pos­si­ble de­mands. You feel en­riched, strength­ened and cen­tered this week. Friends and fam­ily sup­port you with love and good­will. Mul­ti­far­i­ous ac­tiv­ity keeps you busy, in­ter­ested and in­volved. You re­tain pro­fes­sional sta­bil­ity by mak­ing im­por­tant de­ci­sions with your own wis­dom and good judg­ment. Per­sonal re­la­tion­ships are lov­ing and com­plete and you have plenty of good­will and friend­ship around you. Lucky num­ber: 14 Good colour: Pea­cock Blue


You are as­sisted to com­bine dif­fer­ent as­pects and in­te­grate en­er­gies to bring suc­cess after a pe­riod of strug­gle. You can count on two peo­ple in the work area to share your bur­den and help you move ahead pro­gres­sively. While meet­ing with the fam­ily’s ex­pec­ta­tions and ap­proval be­ware of mak­ing com­pro­mises with your truths, val­ues and pri­or­i­ties. Keep away from an as­so­ciate at work who is ar­ro­gant and con­ceited. You are sen­si­tive and med­i­ta­tive as you look at your sur­round­ings with won­der to ex­pe­ri­ence the silent splen­dour of na­ture! Yoga and med­i­ta­tion en­able you to taste your in­ner si­lence and bliss. Lucky num­ber: 3 Good colour: Saf­fron

PISCES (FEB 20 ­ MAR 20)

Cre­ative ideas and views are ex­pressed and noted, as you are aware and cre­ative in pro­fes­sional sit­u­a­tions. You build spe­cial re­la­tion­ships and make rare per­sonal and pro­fes­sional con­nec­tions with im­por­tant peo­ple at this point. Ex­cit­ing news com­mu­ni­cated to you can change your di­rec­tion or ca­reer in the fu­ture. You re­alise that cel­e­bra­tion, hap­pi­ness and joy need not de­pend on out­side cir­cum­stances as the party is hap­pen­ing all around you ev­ery mo­ment! Cre­ativ­ity and love flow from you in pro­fes­sional and per­sonal as­pects. A Cance­rian joins you on a happy trip or hol­i­day, which is re­ju­ve­nat­ing this week. Lucky num­ber: 3 Good colour: Pome­gran­ate Red

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