The en­gage­ment pe­riod was the an­cient Me­sopotami­ans’ idea

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Hi Cyrus, I am a 26-year-old lady. My boyfriend and I have re­cently men­tioned about our re­la­tion­ship at our re­spec­tive homes. His par­ents wanted to meet me and I don’t know how to an­swer their ques­tions and this very thought freaks me out. What should I do? AP AP, pre­pare, pre­pare, pre­pare. Just like in school or col­lege, your prepa­ra­tion is para­mount. How­ever, in school your syl­labus would be di­vided into His­tory, Geog­ra­phy and so on, here your syl­labus needs to be bang on. One sub­ject is ‘know your an­ces­tors’. You may be asked about your pre­de­ces­sors, all the way down to the Gupta pe­riod, and the Ma­gadha Em­pire. Some may even ask the dreaded caste ques­tion, be sin­cere in your cre­ativ­ity, and feel free to lie. The ‘Fu­ture’, is per­haps the most im­por­tant of all sub­jects. Fi­nally, know a lit­tle about the par­ents them­selves. Their likes and dis­likes, their own habits and is­sues. Also, avoid too much com­edy. If his­tory tells us any­thing, it’s that no in-laws like a prospec­tive co­me­dian for their off­spring. I met a girl through a mat­ri­mony web­site and our par­ents want to take things for­ward. I want to know how should I gauge a per­son through just a few ini­tial meet­ings. Any tips? YS Miloslav, the Miche­lin Chief, who killed him­self at the age of 29 by chok­ing pub­licly on raw as­para­gus, once said, “To re­ally know an ice-cream, you can’t just smell it, or touch it, or look at it. You need to eat it”. Sim­i­larly YS, a few ini­tial meet­ings may not be enough to re­ally ‘know’ your ice-cream. This is why the an­cient Me­sopotami­ans came up with ‘en­gage­ment’ pe­riod. This ‘trial’ run is the only way you’ll ever truly, un­der­stand and know, your ice-cream. If on the sur­face all things are look­ing good, hen maybe ar­range for say a one month’, trial. Love is very much like an ice-cream. You never know if you are al­ler­gic to any flavour un­til you ac­tu­ally con­sume it. like a girl in my col­lege and wanted to con­fess my feel­ings or her, but be­fore that I want o know how do I know if she has the same feel­ings for me oo? We speak reg­u­larly and are very good friends as of now. Please help. TK Jor­bannes, the By­lorus­sian Me­dieval King, worked very hard on a con­cept known as a ‘love’ mir­ror. Ba­si­cally, the two prospec­tive lovers would stand in front of the mir­ror, and it would tell them if they ac­tu­ally loved each other. Jor­bannes be­ing 360 pounds be­fore break­fast, was too large for any mir­ror, so the con­cept was can­celled. That you speak reg­u­larly is a very good sign. Per­haps, if you con­tinue like this, you’ll just ‘know’ that she likes you. Pay at­ten­tion to cues. You should be able to tell.

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