QUOTE HANGER FREEZE FRAME TWIT­TER TWATTER As Valen­tine’s Day draws nearer, fa­mous celebrity cou­ples — go­ing stronger than ever — share how they met and fell in love be­fore the ‘swipe right’ era bega

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KAR­TIK AARYAN, AC­TOR @Tan­ishaaMuk­erji: Mother o’mine mother o’mine If i were damned of body and soul I know whose prayers would make me whole ! Mother o’mine Mother o’mine! #tanuja #leg­end #love #mother #tan­ishaamuk­erji #rud­yard­kipling ANEES BAZMEE, FILM­MAKER #healthy­mind­healthy­body #an­daman­is­lands #jol­chobbi @yami­gau­tam: Not just a movie but a wave of emo­tion that runs through ev­ery­one! Over­whelmed with all the love! #URITheSur­gi­calStrike #HowsTheJosh We cel­e­brate 37 years of mar­riage this year. Our love story started when we were in col­lege. I liked her and pro­posed, and af­ter a lit­tle hes­i­ta­tion, she said yes. I feel re­ally lucky to have her in my life. She mar­ried some­one who We were work­ing on a film to­gether as ac­tors, and that’s where we met. In those days, it wasn’t very easy to ex­press our feel­ings to­wards each other. We did take time, and courted for two years, but it was when we met when we both felt a ma­jor con­nec­tion. We wanted to spend more time to­gether. In our times, more time to­gether would was job­less, a great risk on her part, and has been sup­port­ive through­out. I think her luck min­gled with mine and helped me in what­ever lit­tle I have achieved so far. So Valen­tine’s Day might be giv­ing thrills to younger gen­er­a­tion but we think of it as ‘ex­tra khar­cha’!

- Satish Shah al­ways cul­mi­nate into mar­riage, we weren’t able to see it in any other way! You young­sters have so many op­tions these days, but we didn’t. It’s the best de­ci­sion we made. It’s been 30 years, but it seems like the first year, and that it’s been just a few years since I have known Pankaj. I would rec­om­mend mar­riage to one and all, but it’s not easy, it’s im­por­tant to find the right per­son.

- Supriya Pathak We will be cel­e­brat­ing our 50 an­niver­sary this year on March 27. It was an ar­ranged and love mar­riage — more of an ar­ranged set-up by Mr Ra­jen­dra Ku­mar (ac­tor) and Mr and Mrs Raj Kapoor (the ac­tor-film­maker and his wife). They were very keen on this al­liance. It took one year for things to ma­te­ri­alise as I was very busy in my work then. We are in a great place now. We have three daugh­ters, all of I met him first when I saw his film Ba­lika Badhu (1976). That’s when I re­mem­ber crush­ing over him. When he was hunt­ing for a lead­ing leady for his film, his mother pointed out to me say­ing ‘this girl will suit you on-screen’, and at the end of the day, fleet­ingly sug­gested ‘she could be good for you to marry too’! He saw me in a tele­vised play in Un­like to­day, we had nor­mal tele­phones. There was al­ways more ten­sion about be­ing able to get in touch. One had to some­times use stu­dio phones and all to com­mu­ni­cate. So while one was shoot­ing, a guy would come and say, ‘Soni­jee aap ke liye phone hai of­fice mein’ and you would have to go all the way to some stu­dio of­fice to fix the din­ner date for that night — not at all pri­vate! The worst was them well-set­tled. Our love story now is to­wards our daugh­ters and grand­chil­dren. It is a rare thing to be to­gether for so long. This is all a re­sult of ad­just­ment and adapt­abil­ity and di­vid­ing your pri­or­i­ties. I don’t in­ter­fere in her depart­ment and she doesn’t in mine. We have sug­ges­tions for each other. We do cel­e­brate Valen­tine’s Day. We go out for lunch or din­ners by our­selves. But other than that day, we also go out for reg­u­lar lunches and din­ners.

- Prem Cho­pra ’83-84. He asked my par­ents if I could act in his film, he never came to me. I didn’t know of this of­fer till they re­jected it, be­cause of con­di­tions like no kiss­ing, or lift­ing up in arms. But he agreed to ev­ery con­di­tion. It’s been 34 years, and ob­vi­ously the jour­ney has been very spe­cial. For Valen­tine’s Day, he will def­i­nitely come up with some­thing as he likes to be in sync with to­day’s time!

- Supriya Pil­gaonkar if you were fight­ing. We would be call­ing each other from all over the city or even the coun­try. But I think it only made it all the more ro­man­tic and in­tense. My idea of love has changed over the years. First, it was pas­sion and can’t-live-with­out-you sort of feel­ings. Over the years, I’ve come to re­alise that love means giv­ing each other re­spect and space to be one­self — some­thing that we find hard to do. When you love, you don’t need to im­pose.

- Soni Raz­dan




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