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After Niti Taylor slipped and fell down on the set of a reality show during her performanc­e, she took the opportunit­y to speak up about a health condition she suffered from. Taylor revealed that as a kid she suffered a septal heart defect, which is commonly known as having a hole in the heart. She added that this prevented her from doing any strenuous activities. “I couldn’t go to amusement parks or take flights or do anything adventurou­s,” she said, adding, “When I recovered, I danced with joy and I’ve been dancing since then.”

After months of speculatio­n around her health, Samantha took to her Instagram handle last month to reveal that she has been battling a rare auto-immune condition called myositis. She posted a picture that saw her sitting with an IV drip on her wrist alongside a caption that read, “I was hoping to share this after it had gone into remission. But it is taking a little longer than I hoped. Accepting this vulnerabil­ity is something that I am still struggling with.” Myositis is a group of rare conditions that weaken the muscles and tires them out. The actor recently rubbished reports of her deteriorat­ing health and subsequent hospitalis­ation.

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