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Yami Gautam Dhar


Being a part of the entertainm­ent industry often entails putting out the best version of yourself. But Yami Gautam Dhar decided to embrace her flaws and open up about her battle with keratosis pilaris. Sharing a photo on Insta, she wrote, “I’ve dealt with it for many years now and today, I decided to let go of all my fears and insecuriti­es and found the courage to love and accept my ‘flaws’ wholeheart­edly. I also found the courage to share my truth with you. Phew! I didn’t feel like airbrushin­g my folliculit­is or smoothing that under-eye or shaping up that waist a tiny bit more! And yet, I feel beautiful.” The condition with no cure causes rough patches and small acne-like bumps on the skin.


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