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Cracking the dress code

SWITCH-OVER In the past couple of years, the clamour to replace convocatio­n gowns with Indian attire has been growing louder. Recently, the new technocrat­s of IIT-BHU set a trend when they received their degrees clad in dhoti-kurta/kurta-pyjama and sari o

- HT Correspond­ent

BAREILLY: The students here have hailed Banaras Hindu University’s (BHU) move of replacing the colonial-era gowns during convocatio­n with the traditiona­l kurta pyjama or dhoti kurta. However, Bareilly’s MJP Rohilkhand University found the move unconvinci­ng, saying what mattered was the quality of education and change in dress code hardly mad e a ny difference.

Students not only favoured the BHU’s stand but also demanded its implementa­tion in the universiti­es across the country. “We are Indian, so we should opt for Indian dress instead of wearing the academic dress of the colonial-era,” said Arvind Patel who is pursuing Master of Rural Developmen­t Management course from MJP R University. Arvind, who is also a student leader, demanded that the Indian dress code should be implemente­d in the universiti­es all over India.

Endorsing his view, Mohini Pathak, a student pursuing masters in English from Bareilly College also backed the move and said there was nothing wrong in shedding off the robe for traditiona­l clothes. “We are Indians, so why we should follow the trend started during the British era? We should have changed the dress code a long time back”, said Mohini.

Vipin Gangwar, a student pursuing MSc in physics also suggested a dress code different from that of the gown. “Why can’t we have our own dress code?” asked Gangwar. However, the MJP Rohilkhand University maintained a different stand on the issue. Vice chancellor Mohammed Muzammil said, “Dress is inconseque­ntial and there are many other issues to take care of.”

Muzammil said even the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, who led the Swadeshi movement and burnt bonfires of foreign clothes, never pointed out changing the convocatio­n dress code.

Then why were the common people debating the issue? he wanted to know.. “Black gown, which is being worn since ages, is now a part of our tradition. We have our own university tailor who prepares the dresses with Indian fabric and thread. I don’t think that there is any need to make changes. Rather we should focus on the ways to enhance the quality of education”, he said.

O the other hand, the private colleges and university here, expressed their willingnes­s to adopt the new dress code on condition that it should be of a different style and pattern, which would make the achievers distinct from the common lot.

“If it is a kurta pyjama, it should be of a pattern that makes the achievers different from the common lot,” said Chancellor, Invertis University, Bareilly Umesh Gautam.

 ?? HT FILE PHOTO ?? The IIT-BHU students recently attended their convocatio­n dressed in ethnic outfits.
HT FILE PHOTO The IIT-BHU students recently attended their convocatio­n dressed in ethnic outfits.
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