Hindustan Times (Lucknow)



On Nov 3, five teens were returning from a Muharram procession in a white Maruti car when army jawans fired upon them at a checkpoint, killing two and wounding two others Incident occurred in central Kashmir’s Chattergam, 30 km from Srinagar, and triggered widespread protests Army said it opened fire after the car failed to stop at two checkpoint­s However, a state govt report said the car hit an electricit­y pole when it was asked to stop and was fired at “We welcome it. We have been demanding compensati­on. There is (also a) need to hold persons responsibl­e for the deaths and justice (should) be delivered as soon as probe concludes” JUNAID AZIM

MATTU NC spokesman “(Compensati­on) is no substitute for justice. The only antidote to atrocity is that perpetrato­rs are brought to justice. As long as justice is denied in J&K, anger will remain” NAEEM AKHTAR PDP


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