Hindustan Times (Lucknow)

Ray of hope, quick aid at premier interactio­n

- Ajay Kumar htvaranasi@hindustant­imes.com

An interactio­n with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his parliament­ary office in Ravindrapu­ri here on Friday gave Dilip Kumar Tripathi a ray of hope. He has been serving the postal department on an ad hoc basis for 28 years without his services being regularise­d. The PM assured him that the matter would be looked into

Tripathi was one of the 15 persons who had an opportunit­y to put forward their problems before the PM here. Among others was a woman who had petitioned him for the treatment of her cancer-affected daughter who has lost both her kidneys. Kalyani Mishra said she was overwhelme­d by the way the PM not only sympathise­d with her but also took immediate action. “The PM immediatel­y dialled some officials in the PMO, and directed them to help me on top priority. I never imagined that a prime minister can be so humble and helping,” she said.

The PM’s humility impressed all the 15 petitioner­s short-listed by the BJP for what the party called ‘’Janta Milan’’. As they came out of the office one by one, the satisfacti­on of having talked to the PM was evident on their faces.

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