Hindustan Times (Lucknow)

Flyer suffers stroke, gets help from ground


NEW DELHI/KOLKATA: A passenger aboard an Air India flight from Bangkok to Mumbai received medical attention relayed from doctors on the ground after he suffered a heart attack mid-air.

After the heart attack, as the condition of the male passenger on Flight AI-331 continued to deteriorat­e on Wednesday night, the pilots radioed Kolkata air traffic control to report the medical emergency.

The pilots sought permission to make an unschedule­d landing at the Kolkata airport and asked the Air Traffic Control (ATC) to keep medical teams on stand-by. They also asked the air traffic controller­s to arrange for advice from doctors on the ground.

The Airports Authority of India rushed its doctors to the ATC tower, who interacted with them over the very high frequency communicat­ion line to help the passenger till the flight landed. The Air India flight made the emergency landing at Kolkata at around 10pm.

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