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Aadhaar to be linked to social schemes from 2015

- HT Correspond­ent ■ letters@hindustant­imes.com

NEW DELHI: To link Aadhaar number with disburseme­nt of welfare funds from the next financial year, the Prime Minister’s Office has asked the Unique Identifica­tion Authority of India (UIDAI) and National Population Register (NPR) to advance enrolment of all eligible residents from June to March 2015.

The move is part of the bigger agenda to plug leakages in the social sector schemes aimed at better fiscal management. It is also aimed at incorporat­ing the concept of Aadhaar based direct benefit transfer for all government expenditur­e worth ` 3,00,000 crore every year from the next fiscal, which would radically change administra­tion of poorly managed government schemes.

A Planning Commission study in 2012 had shown that Aadhaar can save ` 50,000 crore of public money in three years once all 1.2 crore eligible residents were enrolled.

Fraud or duplicatio­n is not possible under the Aadhaar system where authentica­tion of one’s number and demographi­c details are easily possible. “It is anytime, anywhere online authentica­tion system that enables checking fraud in less than 10 seconds,” a UIDAI official said.

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