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‘Mums lose 970 hrs of sleep during baby’s first year’

- Asian News Internatio­nal letters@hindustant­imes.com

LONDON: A new survey has revealed that new parents each lose 970 hours of sleep during their child’s first year, with new mum losing 23 minutes of sleep more than dads each night.

The study of 1,006 new parents, by Camilia Oral Solution for National Teething Week, showed that they spend 53 minutes and 33 seconds every day trying to figure out what is making their child cry, the Daily Express reported.

The study found 25% of new parents find it so upsetting that they themselves start crying, meanwhile, 41% confess to having more arguments with their partner due to this lack of sleep.

The research also revealed the lengths exasperate­d parents go to in order to soothe their child. Nadege Meillier, of Boiron which makes Camilia, said that parents struggle every day to calm their baby’s tears, but the research shows 15%of all these tears are caused by teething.

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