Hindustan Times (Lucknow)

Sachin wants universal technology for DRS


Sachin Tendulkar feels that there isan urgent need to standardis­e the technology used for Decision Review System (DRS) across all formats in internatio­nal cricket.

“We can definitely use technology as long as it is standardis­ed,” Tendulkar told reporters at the launch of his autobiogra­phy ‘Playing It My way’ at the Lord’s Cricket Ground here today.

“We can’t have bits and pieces in different parts of the world. One part of the world is using the other part is using hot-spot and somewhere else it is something else. It’s got to be standardis­ed,” Tendulkar said during an interactio­n with the journalist­s.

He said technology should be treated at par for all cricket teams around the world, big or small.

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