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Stars impel, they don’t compel

- Ashutosh Varshney The writer is an author, holistic healer and astrologer.

Our lives are ruled by the great force of time. We might try to use it to our advantage. To help and facilitate our journey of life since birth till death, we are provided with a divine tool named astrology.

Before consulting an astrologer, always keep in mind the fact that “the stars impel, they do not compel”. This means that the stars and planets produce influences but do not force us to follow those influences. Compel means a force or influence coming from the outside; impel means a force or influence coming from the inside. You have always “free will” to choose other paths and to do whatever you want.

Your horoscope merely gives indication­s of things that can influence your life. You can choose to overcome your negative points and enhance your strong points. People who follow stars indication­s or God’s voice through the verses mentioned in holy books with utmost will and dedication always excel in life. The power of fortune-telling can help anyone out of any distress or trouble, only if his free will becomes his core belief. The stars are the light by which we can see ourselves and others more clearly. The birth chart shows our tendencies and potentials. Nothing but our will is responsibl­e for our fortune or misfortune. Individual human beings always have their native free will unimpeded and uncoerced. The stars, the planets by the energies that they send to us, impel us to think certain things, to feel in certain ways and therefore to do certain acts; but they do not compel us to do any of this. Man always can change his own feelings, his own thoughts, and necessaril­y, therefore, his own acts.

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