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‘New inhalable drug to replace traditiona­l insulin’

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Afrezza drug, an inhalable insulin, is going to play a vital role in replacing injectable insulin

LUCKNOW: Prominent diabetes expert Dr AK Tiwari of Jai clinic said that during the current year there would be a major breakthrou­gh in the treatment of the disease. Dr Tiwari claimed the developmen­t of Afrezza drug, an inhalable insulin was going to play a vital role in replacing traditiona­l injectable insulin.

In a statement on the occa- sion of World Diabetes Day on Saturday (November 14), Dr Tiwari said new technology had introduced a fresh dimension in the treatment of the disease. He said Afrezza inhaler drug was available in the US market and it was an ultra short-acting insulin to be taken at meal time.

Dr Tiwari said this inhalable insulin would reduce the number of traditiona­l insulin intake.

However, he said this new drug was not advisable for those suffering from respirator­y problems and for smokers. Moreover, it could also not be taken by patients below the age of 18 years. He said the second major developmen­t was arrival of ‘free style libre flash glucose monitoring system’ that was available in the Indian market. Under this therapy, a sensor is attached to the hand of the patient that continuous­ly monitors blood sugar level for 14 days.

After 14 days, the device provides a detailed analysis of blood sugar level of the patient. Dr Tiwari said it was cheaper than the available continuous glucose monitoring system. He said with the availabili­ty of several effective drugs, the management of diabetes had become easy in the country.

DR AK TIWARI, Jai Clinic

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