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GREEN ENERGY Environmen­talist installs 5kw solar power plant to cut electricit­y bill, reduce carbon emission

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LUCKNOW: We all know that it’s time to switch from convention­al power and tap solar energy which is so easily available.

However, senior environmen­talist, Prof Bharat Raj Singh has taken the lead in the city for the green energy alternativ­e. He has got a 5 kw solar power plant installed at his house in his Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, which he claims is the first in the city.

“Since its installati­on, there has been great slash in the consumptio­n of units per day. Earlier I had to a huge amount as electricit­y bill. The solar panels are generating 20-25 units of power every day. In April-May this year, production went up to 30-32 units every day. The power generated is used to run fans, lights and even air conditione­rs,” he said.

“If this practice gets a boost and is popularize­d among the residents of the city, the day is not far when people shall be rid of heavy electricit­y bills and start contributi­ng in reduction of carbon emission by installing solar power plant,” said Prof Singh, director in School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. After subsidy, he spent about `4 lakh to install the solar panels.

Singh has appealed to the residents of the city to gain knowledge about solar power plant for generation of electricit­y at a low cost and do their bit to save the environmen­t to some extent.

If the entire Lucknow switches over to solar panels, the state electricit­y board will be able to supply more power to remote villages in the state where electricit­y is available just for a few hours.

Singh has also taken a few initiative­s to create awareness among the residents of the city for installing solar power plants in their houses. He held seminars and workshops to spread the message.

This environmen­talist first shot to fame when he earned a place in Limca Book of Records for co-inventing first compressed air-powered bike called Air-O-Bike with Prof Onkar Singh of Harcourt Butler Technologi­cal Institute, Kanpur, UP.

They had developed an air turbine engine with a capacity to generate 5.5 HP (4.1 kW) power by using compressed air as fuel.

The air engine can run a motor bike for 40 minutes using compressed air at 4-6 bar (60-90 psi) pressure. The load test conducted in the lab showed that the engine ran at 2000-3000 rpm with load and 10,000 rpm without load. The unique zero emission air engine was notified in Patent Journal of Government of India on April 13, 2012. President of India Pranab Mukherjee appreciate­d this effort at an exhibition in Lucknow.

Bharat Raj Singh has relentless­ly been creating awareness about the environmen­t for the last 15 years.

His three books on ‘Global Warming and Climate Change’ vividly brought out the causes and remedies of global warming and climate disturbanc­e. Two chapters from these books have been selected by the United States under its high school curriculum for creating awareness among the students about environmen­tal disturbanc­es.

 ?? DEEPAK GUPTA/HT ?? Prof Bharat Raj Singh (middle) on the terrace of his house in Gomti Nagar with the 5 kw solar power plant that he has installed to save electricit­y.
DEEPAK GUPTA/HT Prof Bharat Raj Singh (middle) on the terrace of his house in Gomti Nagar with the 5 kw solar power plant that he has installed to save electricit­y.

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