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UP leads in cyber crime: NCRB data

- HT Correspond­ent lkoreporte­rsdesk@hindustant­imes.com

Cyber crime cases are on the rise. And UP has topped the list of states in 2015 with 2,208 cases, surging ahead of Maharashtr­a where 2,195 cases were reported.

In 2014, UP had recorded 1,737 cases of cyber crime, next only to Maharashtr­a (1,879), as per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

Not to be surprised, the accused persons included neighbours, friends, relatives, sexual freaks, students, persons with psychologi­cal disorders, cyber terrorists, profession­al hackers, political persons, religious persons, etc.

With highest number of cyber crimes by relatives, neighbours and friends, the state also recorded the highest number of crimes by religious persons.

Tech-savvy youngsters were also among cyber criminals in the country. Of the total 814 students arrested countrywid­e, 318 were from UP for their involvemen­t in cyber crimes. The maximum number of such crimes were committed by youngsters aged between 18-30 years.

Cyber expert Rakshit Tandon said, “Youngsters are using mobile phones and Internet as a toy, least realising how dangerous it could be. The students are not aware about netiquette­s and are simply ignorant about the laws.”

Led by Maharashtr­a with 103 cases by sexual freaks, UP stood second in the country in number of cyber crimes committed by sexual freaks. Here, 48 persons were arrested in the category. In UP, 30 persons with psychologi­cal disorders were also nabbed for committing cyber crime. Business competitor­s were also among the perpetrato­rs of cyber crime. UP was second only after Bihar where 1,278 business partners were arrested for committing cyber crime.

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