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30% cases in 5 cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Hyd, Indore and Pune

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NEW DELHI: At least 30% of the 4,780 Covid-19 cases reported in the country have come from only five cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad and Pune – highlighti­ng how India’s urban centres have been the main epicentres of the coronaviru­s battle, according to state and central government data.

The analysis is based on data till late evening (9pm) Monday released by state government­s.

The two worst-hit cities -- Delhi and Mumbai – together have reported at least 1,000 cases, which means that nearly one in every four cases in the country has been reported in these two metros, according to government data released as of Monday evening.

The concentrat­ion of cases in the NCR further becomes apparent when numbers for satellite towns like Noida (58), Gurugram (30), Ghaziabad (23) and Faridabad

(14) are taken into account.

Hyderabad (145), Indore (144) and Pune (145) are the other cities that make up the five worst-hit cities. With 110 cases each, Chennai and Kerala’s Kasargod town were joint at the sixth spot with Jaipur (92), Thane (82) and Ahmedabad (64) making the 10 cities in the country with the highest number of cases as of 9pm on Monday. These 10 cities together account for 41% of all Covid-19 cases in the country.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked his ministers to list major priority areas once the restrictio­ns imposed to halt the spread of the coronaviru­s pandemic are lifted.

He also spoke about the need for creating a graded plan to slowly open department­s in areas witnessing fewer cases.

Modi told his team that the present crisis also highlighte­d the need to lessen dependence on other nations. Talking about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, he said the government must work on war-footing to mitigate the impact, adding that the ministries should prepare a ‘Business Continuity Plan’.

Highlighti­ng the impact on India’s exports, he asked the ministers to submit actionable suggestion­s on boosting manufactur­ing and exports and ensure that new sectors and countries are added in India’s export net.

During a video conference, Modi also asked the ministers to prepare a list of ten major decisions and ten priority areas of focus once lockdown ends, exhorting them to identify and implement pending reforms.

He said the welfare of farmers is of high importance, adding that the government would provide all possible help to farmers in the harvesting season.

He suggested harnessing of technology and encouragin­g exploratio­n of innovative solutions like using truck aggregator­s to connect farmers with mandis on the lines of app-based cab services.

Modi underlined the need for devising a strategy to ensure the procuremen­t of products from tribals so that the sources of income of the indigenous populace remain intact.

A peacock roams a locked down street in Delhi’s Nizamuddin East on Monday.
BIPLOV BHUYAN/HT PHOTO ■ A peacock roams a locked down street in Delhi’s Nizamuddin East on Monday.

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