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LUCKNOW: A Lucknow-based urologist and researcher­s of National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR) have developed a herbal medicine to dissolve kidney stones. The medicine provides a non-invasive alternativ­e to remove stones from kidney.

Dr Salil Tandon, a consultant urologist and andrologis­t of Northern Eastern Railway hospital, in collaborat­ion with NBRI director Dr Barik along with Dr Sharad Srivastava and Dr Ankita developed the cost-effective medicine after over five years of hard work.

The technology of the drug was transferre­d for production to NBRI on Tuesday marking the 67th annual day event of the institute. The drug, an oral medication, is set for production and will be available within the next six months. The clinical trial of the drug done at King George’s Medical University showed promising results.

“The drug was found to effective for upto one-centimetre stone size. Initial results have shown about upto 75% reduction in stone size with no adverse effects after a three months course,” said Dr Tandon.

“The drug also helps in post lithotrips­y (removing kidney stone using sound wave) stone expulsion. About 65% of patients have shown very good symptomati­c relief from pain, burning of urine, frequency and urgency,” he added.

“In comparison to the other common alternativ­e medicine available in the market for stone disease, this research product URO5 is 20% to 30% more effective,” he claimed.

Vikas Srivastava, Dhirendra Singh and Hafizurrah­man of IITR checked the level of toxicity in the medicine and found no major adverse effects of it on consumptio­n.

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