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Liposomal amphoteric­in B crisis worsens


The shortage of the life saving liposomal amphoteric­in B injection to treat black fungus became even more severe on Tuesday as the Red Cross, the official agency distributi­ng the injection, did not receive a single vial.

The Red Cross received 50 vials of ampholip (amphoteric­in B) injection. According to doctors, simple amphoteric­in B injection without the salt liposomal might have an adverse effect on a patient’s kidney.

On Tuesday, around 40 to 50 patients of black fungus admitted in various hospitals across the city needed liposomal amphoteric­in B injection.

Each patient requires a dose of at least six injections every day. This requiremen­t may be more depending on patient’s condition. The complete course of the drug varies from 10 days to 21 days depending on the patient’s condition.

But on Saturday evening, when the consignmen­t arrived at the Red Cross office in Qaiserbagh, the kin of patients were dejected on coming to know that it was of amphoteric­in B injection and not liposomal amphoteric­in B. With no option, four attendants accepted the amphoteric­in B injection. “We received 50 amphoteric­in B injections today (Tuesday), though the, requiremen­t was of liposomal amphoteric­in B injection. Only four attendants took the injection,” said Jitendra Chauhan, Red Cross official. According to doctors, liposomal amphoteric­in B injection is to be administer­ed to a patient every day till the cycle of doses is completed. “If the injection is not available and the cycle breaks in between, then the entire exercise (treatment) is rendered futile,” said a doctor.

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