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‘It’s difficult get work without proper support & backing’

- S Farah Rizvi farah.rizvi@htlive.com

Best known for shows like Dadi Amma Maan Jao, Paramavtar Shri Krishna and short film Nirpeksha, actor Abhinav Choudhary feels with no guide or support behind you, it gets extremely tough to find work in the industry.

“For many youngsters out there the perception of becoming an actor is more of being a hero with well-built body, swanky cars and expensive lifestyle. But the stark reality is that it’s not at all easy to reach here and get work without proper support and backing,” said the young actor.

Talking about his initial days,

Abhinav said, “I never thought of acting but it was due to continuous persistenc­e from my mausaji (uncle) who was civil servant that I came to Jabalpur from Bihar. I trained myself in classical singing and then dancing. Finally, I moved to Mumbai and did an acting course. But nothing was working for me!”

He adds, “In entertainm­ent industry the method is simple — you are either a hero or a zero. No midway to it! My parents were not happy at all as I was without work, so I left Mumbai and went back to my studies and took up a job after MBA. But the acting bug had bitten me. I thought to give it that one last try!”

Abhinav did a series of commercial­s before his first TV show happened. “Commercial­s gave me that support to fall back on if nothing works. Then I got TV shows and I knew that I am on the right track. Also, my training helped me understand the job of acting and performing better.”

The youngster was shooting for his ongoing show when the lockdown happened. “I was shooting for Paapnashin­i Ganga when things were put on hold. Now when lockdown is lifted only then the shoot will resume…tab tak aise hi rahe ga! Also, I was all set to shoot for web series but the shoot got shelved due to the rise in cases.”

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