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Dengue is a vi­ral in­fec­tion spread by the bite of the aedes ae­gypti mos­quito. It is not com­mu­ni­ca­ble: it does not spread di­rectly from per­son to per­son. The dengue fever lasts for seven to 10 days.


Sud­den high fever

Se­vere headache

Swollen lymph glands

Se­vere joints and mus­cle pain

Skin rash (ap­pear be­tween two to five days af­ter the ini­tial fever)

Mild to se­vere nau­sea

Mild to se­vere vom­it­ing

Mild bleed­ing from nose and gums.

Bruis­ing on skin

Fe­brile con­vul­sions

Pain be­hind the eyes

Drowsi­ness or ir­ri­tabil­ity

Pale, cold and clammy skin

Difficulty in breath­ing


An­ti­body titer for Dengue virus types

Com­plete blood count (CBC) Test

Poly­merase Chain Re­ac­tion (PCR) test

Pre­ven­tive mea­sures

Avoid densely pop­u­lated res­i­den­tial ar­eas.

Keep your home and en­vi­ron­ment hy­gienic. If your sur­round­ings are clean, there will be no room for the mos­qui­toes to breed.

Mos­qui­toes breed at stag­nant wa­ter places. So do not store wa­ter in empty con­tain­ers. Check for hid­den wa­ter bod­ies like man­holes, sep­tic tanks, clogged drains, wells.

The ar­eas where still wa­ter can col­lect such as, bird­baths, pet dishes, empty planters, flower pots, cans, etc., should be checked, emp­tied or changed reg­u­larly.

Use mos­quito re­pel­lents on ex­posed skin.

Use air con­di­tion­ing in­stead of open­ing win­dows.

Use mos­quito net if sleep­ing ar­eas are not cov­ered.

Wear long sleeve clothes and long pants when mos­qui­toes are most ac­tive.

Make sure win­dows and door screens are se­cure and free of holes.

Seek early con­sul­ta­tion, if ex­pe­ri­enced with symp­toms.

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