Open­ing the locked fate through as­trol­ogy

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Are you won­der­ing where the good times are? In some cases, the clutch of malefic plan­ets on a horo­scope may not be let­ting a na­tive per­form and ob­tain from his busi­ness. In some other horo­scopes, this clutch may not let the na­tive wed. This neg­a­tive grip of the planet in some other horo­scope can force the na­tive to lose his job of­ten or can leave him un­em­ployed for long. In most of the horo­scopes this neg­a­tively align­ing plan­ets com­pel the na­tive to take wrong de­ci­sions, which leave ir­re­versible re­sults. Most of us think that Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and Mars are the bad plan­ets, whereas the Jupiter, Venus, Mer­cury, Moon and Sun, is the club of good plan­ets. But, fac­tu­ally, one can do ex­cep­tion­ally good un­der the in­flu­ence of so-called bad plan­ets and can re­ally suf­fer when un­der the in­flu­ence/ dasha of the so-called good­ies. For­get the ha­tred you carry for the bad plan­ets and the faith you have for the so-called ben­e­fi­cial ones. If some planet, good or bad, is a func­tional malefic for the chart then it is en­trusted with a duty to ruin, which is hard to com­bat. But there are few sec­tions of time in a year when the re­sults in­di­cated by the horo­scope can be set aside and with the help of a free will, kick-start some stalled things. The first such sec­tion, when the re­ver­sals of re­sults can be achieved, is in the new year, which is also the dawn for the gods. And this be­gins on Jan­uary 15th when the Sun be­gins its Ut­trayana jour­ney (north­ward) on the oc­ca­sion of Makar Sankranti. And a fort­night from this day, the na­tive can utilise the free will to the max­i­mum and over­come and over­turn all neg­a­tives one has been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. A boost from the travers­ing Mars and Jupiter adds to the aus­pi­cious­ness of this oc­ca­sion as these plan­ets are aptly po­si­tioned to let the na­tive gain from non-prof­it­ing prop­er­ties, bur­dened loans and jinxed busi­ness. If one has to get an over­all turn around dur­ing this time, then a com­plete switch over of thoughts, meth­ods, and strate­gies is what is re­quired and the good thing is that these thoughts will find an in­road into one’s mind with just a lit­tle ef­fort. I can help those who have hit a road­block.

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