As­trol­ogy to help il­lu­mi­nate your fu­ture

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Fools wait for good times, while the in­tel­li­gent over­come the ob­sta­cles to en­joy at all times. This is what Lord Vishnu said while ex­plain­ing the use­ful­ness of as­trol­ogy to Muni Narada. An up­holder of as­trol­ogy waits with im­mense hope for the fa­vor­able Dashas to bloom. He also spots all pos­i­tive yield­ing yo­gas in his horo­scope and be­comes moon­struck about them. The per­son be­comes so pas­sion­ate about those Yo­gas that while wait­ing for the good times, he sub­con­sciously stops mak­ing any ef­fort which he would have oth­er­wise done. So, he con­verts a re­sis­tive Dasha, if it’s read cor­rectly, into a more aver­sive Dasha. Im­pos­ing on one­self this self-styled neg­a­tive hi­ber­na­tion is more lethal than most po­tent harm­ful Yoga in the horo­scope. Jy­otish is for il­lu­mi­nat­ing the path of fu­ture and not for put­ting a hold on one’s en­deav­ours. A good time as fig­ured out from a horo­scope shall only yield a good re­sult when the neg­a­tive time is han­dled dili­gently. The kar­mas work in the back­drop of these un­pro­pi­tious Dashas, lay­ing a foun­da­tion and mak­ing a frame­work for ob­tain­ing good yields in the bet­ter Dashas. Of­ten the role of Shani — the karmic planet — is mis­con­ceived. It has the dual re­spon­si­bil­ity to give the re­sults of karma and make one lan­guish for his pre­vi­ous mis­deeds. So, shut­ting Shani with the in­tent to safe­guard one­self from lan­guish­ing dev­as­tates the Karma, too. This im­plies to strike a bal­ance be­tween re­pen­tance and Karmic duty. As we change gears while go­ing up­hill and con­tin­u­ally steer to ne­go­ti­ate the turns and curves of a dif­fi­cult stretch, we mod­u­late dif­fer­ent plan­ets in dif­fer­ent Dashas. Ex­pan­sion plans, new ven­tures, job change, mar­riage, fil­ing of court cases, higher ed­u­ca­tion’s plans, en­ter­ing or end­ing a part­ner­ship, quit­ting a job for busi­ness and other sim­i­lar events are the trig­ger points in one’s life which can bring ma­jors up­heavals if not dealt prop­erly. Even if the road ahead is clear, it is bet­ter to con­sult than to re­pent. Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi your Astro-friend is just a click away. Visit his web­site www. vinay­ba­ or call 9278665588 and 9278555588. Dis­claimer: The ve­rac­ity of any claims made in the above ar­ti­cle is the sole re­spon­si­bil­ity of the con­cerned en­tity.


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