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What does a malefic yoga in horo­scope fore­tell? Does it in­di­cate an oc­curred event or does it fore warn an event to hap­pen? The beauty here is that both these premises are cor­rect, but the con­cern is that peo­ple turn to an as­tronomer only when the ad­verse event has taken place, and its reper­cus­sions are hard to com­bat. A com­pe­tent horo­scope an­a­lyst can read the pos­si­ble ad­verse events of fu­ture and make the per­son al­ter and chose the path which isn’t that neg­a­tive. On the con­trary it’s pos­i­tive as the neg­a­tive Yo­gas have cau­tioned the per­son to de­vi­ate from the path he was try­ing to fol­low. These neg­a­tive Yo­gas are siren and alarms which if read cor­rectly can push for­tunes of the na­tive up. Now, take a look at these. Prob­a­bly you will re­call peo­ple in­volved in such si­t­u­a­tions — a flour­ish­ing sport­ing ca­reer gets snubbed by a close rel­a­tive. Mam­moth po­lit­i­cal backup still fails to launch a meek per­son­al­ity. Mul­timil­lion busi­nesses come to a stag­ger­ing halt with an added fear of gov­ern­ment and im­pris­on­ment. Glit­ter­ing ca­reer which peo­ple made en­vi­ous sud­denly burst; royal mar­riages with all hooplas fail and the part­ner files for al­imony. These are a few ex­am­ples in which the fate has turned tur­tle whereas the horo­scope was point­ing fran­ti­cally to­wards the im­pend­ing dis­as­ter. Most as­tro­log­i­cal fac­ul­ties would an­swer in af­fir­ma­tive when en­quired about the in­di­ca­tions of this com­plete turn­around in a per­son’s life. But most will fal­ter when en­quired about an apt process to mon­i­tor this kind of neg­a­tiv­ity be­fore­hand. It in­deed needs a skill­ful mas­ter who could com­mand the ship of life. But don’t wait till life reaches be­yond a point of no re­turn. Once the sins are com­mit­ted be­yond the thresh­old ca­pac­ity of a per­son, noth­ing will work out. So, it is al­ways bet­ter to keep up a pe­ri­odic date with your as­trologer so that you do not set your wrong foot for­ward at any point in time. Get con­nected to Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi through www.vinay­ba­ or call on 9278665588/9278555588.

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