Solv­ing prop­erty woes through horoscope

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It is a task to tame the en­ergy of Mars or Man­gal, the prime sig­ni­fi­ca­tor of prop­er­ties in a horoscope. This tam­ing of Man­gal is not a one-time event but a con­tin­ual process. The bound­less en­ergy of it is so fierce that even an ex­cel­lent Prop­erty Yoga (Ak­hand Sam­ra­jya Yoga) could turn in to penury Yoga. And be­cause of this, a se­lect few cher­ish their prop­er­ties, whereas for few oth­ers, prop­er­ties re­main a source of loss and de­spair. But still, the most sig­nif­i­cant de­sire of each one us is to own a suit­able prop­erty and the pa­ram­e­ters of suit­abil­ity change with time. The enigma of prop­erty mat­ters can be well un­der­stood and re­solved through a per­son’s horoscope, and a de­tailed anal­y­sis can help the per­son plan his prop­erty-re­lated ac­tiv­i­ties in a refined man­ner. The pos­i­tive Yo­gas of prop­erty like Asankhya Bhoomi Yoga (Many Prop­er­ties Yoga), Bhoomi Sa­hayak Yoga (Rev­enue Through Prop­erty Yoga), Swa-grah Yoga (Self House Yoga), Sukh Man­gal Yoga (Blessed Man­gal Yoga) are the few com­bi­na­tions which flour­ish if present in both Lagna (D-1 chart) and the Shas­ti­amsha (D-60 Chart). A dreaded breach in these benefic Yo­gas, if present in a horoscope, can an­ni­hi­late these Yo­gas to such an ex­tent that a per­son in-spite on own­ing prop­er­ties may still be lan­guish­ing be­cause of them. Not able to re­pay the EMIS, con­sid­er­able money stuck in wrong prop­er­ties, not get­ting pos­ses­sion of the prop­erty, the wrong choice of prop­erty, not able to live in own prop­erty, loos­ing in prop­erty deals, cap­tur­ing of prop­erty by some­one else are few ex­am­ples when a prop­erty yield­ing yoga goes hor­rif­i­cally wrong. There are det­o­na­tors which trig­ger these neg­a­tive Yo­gas. A care­ful study of these can for­bid the per­son from ven­tur­ing too deep into the murky wa­ters of un­cer­tainty. There are divine meth­ods to pull the na­tive out of this po­si­tion of cal­lous help­less­ness; know them. Next Sun­day, I will re­veal the un­re­vealed, “Trac­ing in­fi­delity through as­trol­ogy.” The au­thor of this ar­ti­cle is Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi. Con­nect with him at www.vinay­ba­ or call 9278665588 or 9278555588.

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