Know about what all can hin­der mar­riage prospects

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There may be sever­ity in the chart for mar­riage pur­poses, but there is a def­i­nite hope for a pos­i­tive re­sult. In a horo­scope, there may be few clas­sic com­bi­na­tions or Yo­gas which can pre­vent mar­riage, but de­spite this, cer­tain meth­ods can help even a chronic bach­e­lor get married. Break­ing or dis­con­tin­u­a­tion of talks at the last stage or with­drawal of in­ter­est for no rea­son hap­pens when the first Karaka (doer) of mar­riage, i.e. Venus, is poorly dis­posed of in a horo­scope. Mean­while, not be­ing able to ini­ti­ate the di­a­logues, not find­ing any­one fit for wed­ding, and re­pul­sive­ness from even the thought of mar­riage hap­pens when the sec­ond Karaka (doer) of mar­riage, i.e. Jupiter is com­pressed in a horo­scope. We can cor­rect these ills. The man­ager of union, which in as­tro­log­i­cal terms is the lord of the sev­enth house, is neg­a­tively in­flu­enced by other plan­ets which seem nice and help­ing. For ex­am­ple, the mother (moon) of the na­tive be­cause of her over-cau­tious­ness un­know­ingly dis­plays a char­ac­ter or ide­ol­ogy which is not taken well by the other party. The fa­ther (Sun) of the na­tive is some­times un­know­ingly is the cause. The rel­a­tives (Saturn) some­times play a spoil­sport; some­times the bar set by the na­tive is too high to achieve. A non-sup­port­ive Mer­cury will force the na­tive to as­pire for more and lose in the process. When Rahu or Ketu join hands to deny the mar­riage, they spread neg­a­tive tales about the na­tive, mak­ing it harder for the na­tive to marry. Some­times, it is the pres­sure of work, Mars, that does not let the na­tive get married. All these plan­ets can amount to a VIVAH-VIGHAN Yoga which can be duly ad­dressed by the tran­sit­ing plan­ets over the na­tal charts. Saturn in Sagit­tar­ius and Jupiter in Li­bra, a plan­e­tary tran­sit hap­pen­ing now, can en­sure that many marry by the start of next year. Read my blog https://vinay­ba­ blog/de­lay-in-mar­riage­dy­namic-rea­sons/ for more in­sight into it. Mul­ti­ple part­ner­ships are in­evitable for big com­pa­nies and or­gan­i­sa­tions, and Vedic as­trol­ogy has sure ways to blos­som out of these. My next ar­ti­cle will ad­dress this is­sue. Con­nect with me at www.vinay­ba­ or call 927866 5588 or 927855 5588.

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