Don’t let fate crush your dreams

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Who is chas­ing whom? Are you chas­ing your fate or is your fate chas­ing you? A mer­i­to­ri­ous IIT stu­dent got a job in a multi­na­tional com­pany nine months be­fore he was to grad­u­ate. But as luck would have it, he waited to join the pres­ti­gious com­pany for five months af­ter his grad­u­a­tion, only to hear that the project was scrapped. The stu­dent went to the place­ment desk of the col­lege, and du­ti­fully, they ar­ranged a few more in­ter­views for him, and he even­tu­ally suc­ceeded to win an­other high-pay­ing job. A week be­fore he was to join, he con­tracted ty­phoid and other belly in­fec­tions. The sever­ity of it was such that it took him six months to re­cover. The job was long gone; the obli­ga­tion of col­lege was also over. But since he was an alum­nus of a pres­ti­gious col­lege, his ef­forts got him a job but it was in a small com­pany and low­pay­ing. Leave alone the peers, even his ju­niors were well ahead of him in all as­pects. Once a staunch be­liever in his ca­pa­bil­i­ties, this shaken per­son turned into a more ortho­dox per­son­al­ity with per­sis­tent anger and de­pleted self-es­teem. This is what Ketu could do; it is a dou­ble-edged sword hard to han­dle. It can make the na­tive miss the most cru­cial exam, not let the lawyer turn up for the most cru­cial date, miss most im­por­tant in­ter­view, and not let one do what he/she has been pre­par­ing for. Suc­cess evades the na­tive as this re­lent­less planet ac­ti­vates at the last minute. You must be wit­ness to many sport­ing events when a one-sided match turns up­side down at the last minute — Ketu must have crept in silently. While the burn of Ketu can­not be wiped off, the ef­fects can be di­ag­nosed early, and a dif­fer­ent path can be cho­sen for ac­com­plish­ing the goal. The boy in the above story is now abroad, con­fi­dently pur­su­ing his masters from a very pres­ti­gious col­lege. Read sim­i­lar in­puts in my blogs also on https://vinay­ba­jrangi. com/blog/ Be­tween you and your to-be spouse, there stands a wall, the longer you take to shed it, the longer you won’t marry. Our next ar­ti­cle will be about it. Con­nect with Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi, a PHD scholar in as­trol­ogy at www. vinay­ba­ or call 9278 665588 or 9276 555588.

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