Your search for life part­ner may end

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Mar­riage is a verb and not a noun, and the quest for it be­gins from find­ing the right per­son to mak­ing a home to­gether. But be­fore mar­riage, many go through trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ences like mul­ti­ple re­jec­tions, break­ing of en­gage­ments, not find­ing com­pat­i­ble matches, de­ceit, and un­due wait with failed love stints. Find­ing the right part­ner be­gins with set pa­ram­e­ters gen­er­ally in vogue within the fam­ily like stick­ing to re­li­gion, caste, sub-caste, so­cial sta­tus, fi­nan­cial sta­tus, re­al­lo­ca­tion and looks. Un­der cover of these stric­tures, few yo­gas for­bid­ding the al­liance to hap­pen ac­ti­vate and the na­tive keeps on giv­ing a blind eye to it. Till the sit­u­a­tion be­comes un­man­age­able, the na­tive and the fam­ily con­tin­u­ally un­der­mine its grav­ity. A young lad de­ter­mined to have suf­fi­cient bank bal­ance be­fore mar­riage crossed the mid­dle-age with­out ty­ing the knot, only to know that the fate would have smiled much ear­lier had he mar­ried. A young woman not ready to re­lo­cate re­mained un­mar­ried for want of suitable match in her town, only to marry in her for­ties that too with a per­son em­ployed a great dis­tance away. A man want­ing to marry some­one gor­geous is still un­mar­ried at 41 with no pro­pos­als in hand. A man wait­ing for his love to re­spond back but is still with­out suc­cess and at this age of 38 has no other mar­riage pro­posal in hand. Not many know that the re­stric­tor of the mar­riage lies buried in the horo­scope and is the evil trio, the sixth, the eight and the twelfth house from the sev­enth house in a horo­scope. These three malefic houses try and re­strict the mar­riage of the na­tive for rea­sons that may be valid but if are over­looked then, on the one hand, the na­tive marries, and on the other, it may not bring any neg­a­tiv­ity. A com­plete anal­y­sis of the karaka (doer) of mar­riage vis-a-vis their stand­ing in the Navamsha can for sure open up the sealed fate of mar­riage. A very rel­e­vant blog on this is avail­able on https:// vinay­ba­ de­lay-in-mar­riage-dy­nami­crea­sons/ apart other re­lated top­ics. Next Sun­day, this col­umn will ex­plain the Dosha Ex­tin­guish­ers. Con­nect with Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi, a PHD Scholar in As­trol­ogy on https://www.vinay­ba­jrangi. com/ or call at 9278665588; or at 9278555588.

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