Gem­stones: A power hard to han­dle

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The un­der­world of faith is un­char­ac­terised ri­tu­als. Those who face un­re­lent­ing hard times suc­cumb to the pres­sure of com­ing out of these times and fall to ri­tu­als that are not only wrong, but many times are harm­ful to the cause. The fore­run­ner in the list of these ri­tu­als is the gem­stones method­ol­ogy. For the ag­grieved, it is the sim­plest of the rem­edy as it has only some cost to worry about, but he is saved from fol­low­ing other so-called com­pli­cated ri­tu­als for which he nei­ther has the time nor the pa­tience and for the pro­poser it is in­stant dol­lars. But there are many weird the­o­ries, for sug­gest­ing the gem­stone, that not only de­feat the ba­sic pur­pose of putting the gem­stone but also in­cite upon ir­re­versible dam­ages. Many wrong analo­gies are adopted while se­lect­ing a gem­stone for im­me­di­ate gains such as putting the gem­stone of the planet whose is run­ning its Ma­hadasha. Putting the gem­stone of the planet which is de­bil­i­tated or un­der duress. Putting gem­stones to strengthen the house whose re­sults are needed. Putting mul­ti­ple gem­stones at the same time. Putting gems based on what he saw other’s do­ing for the same prob­lem. All these the­o­ries are flawed and can fur­ther com­pli­cate the is­sue by mak­ing it more stub­born as, if the neg­a­tive side of the plan­ets start get­ting a push, the more mam­moth the prob­lem be­comes. In my write-ups on, I have cat­e­gor­i­cally sug­gested rules for putting on these lit­tle mar­vels and the fore­most among them is to put the gem­stone of the Trine lords pro­vided these trines lords do not have the re­la­tion­ship with any of the Dusthanas. The other most sim­ple pos­tu­lates are that in the event of the slight­est doubt not to put any gem­stones as it is more ben­e­fi­cial to re­main bare handed than to put on the wrong one. Each horo­scope has both pos­i­tive yo­gas and neg­a­tive doshas but none ei­ther blos­som nor curse the na­tive through the life as to a large ex­tent, it all de­pends on our own kar­mas. Our own kar­mas in present life is what we should fo­cus on rather be­com­ing a dead soul to ex­pe­ri­ence what is to hap­pen will hap­pen. Learn many such things on https://­nay ba­ Next Sun­day’s col­umn will shed light on the in­ef­fec­tive­ness of ri­tu­als. Con­nect with Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi, a PHD Scholar in As­trol­ogy at www. vinay­ba­ or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588

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