One self-cor­rec­tion, cor­rects four oth­ers

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Lies make way for dis­be­lief, and de­ceit makes way for the loss of re­spect. With these two pil­lars gone, next to come in are a se­ries of nag­ging apolo­gies with no mean­ings and stub­born non-for­give­ness. Even though most of us know the mantras for mak­ing a mar­riage run, the irony is that the ap­pli­ca­ble principles are meant for preach­ing and not for self-use. Most of us who fol­low as­trol­ogy know that in an as­tro­log­i­cal chart, there are just 12 houses and nine plan­ets, which reg­u­late all the sig­ni­fi­ca­tions of a na­tive’s life. And this means that many sig­ni­fi­ca­tions are be­ing looked af­ter by one house and also many houses could be re­spon­si­ble for tak­ing care of just one sig­ni­fi­ca­tion of na­tive’s life. An as­tro­log­i­cal pos­tu­late says that if a par­tic­u­lar sig­ni­fi­ca­tion of a house is dis­torted then nec­es­sar­ily other sig­ni­fi­ca­tions re­lated to that house will also not be nice. Now, if a per­son is not mar­ried (dis­torted sev­enth house), is not in love with her/ his spouse (dis­torted sev­enth house and fifth house) and is of­ten fight­ing with the spouse (sev­enth house) then nec­es­sar­ily other sig­ni­fi­ca­tions of the sev­enth house and the fifth house stand com­pro­mised. The sev­enth house is the sec­ondary house to mea­sure pro­fes­sion, part­ner­ships and sex­ual prow­ess and ail­ments. Whereas the fifth house stands for kids and the fate. This means, those peo­ple who are not able to strike peace in his/ her mar­ried life, their other sig­ni­fi­ca­tions re­lat­ing to the house of mar­riage such as pro­fes­sion, part­ner­ships, kids, sex­ual prow­ess, etc. stand weak­ened. Lord Vishnu while nar­rat­ing this as­pect to Muni Narada said, “Is it not amaz­ing Narada, that while a Jataka (hu­man) cor­rects just one as­pect of his life through his karma, more other in­ter­re­lated fea­tures of him stand au­to­mat­i­cally cor­rected.” But our prob­lem is that we de­pend heav­ily upon cor­rect­ing the re­sults of the plan­ets via hefty rit­u­als but do noth­ing about cor­rect­ing our­selves. The re­sult — no change, and then we start dis­tort­ing our ninth house (re­li­gion and bhagya) too by speak­ing ill about the rit­u­als. So, the mantra is to iden­tify which fea­ture is cor­rectable and cor­rect it for all the other re­lated things to see an im­prove­ment. Read more on https://www. vinay­ba­ Con­nect with Dr Vi­nay Ba­jrangi a PHD Scholar in as­trol­ogy at www.vinay­ba­ or call at 9278665588 or 9278555588 Dis­claimer: The ve­rac­ity of any claims made in the above ar­ti­cle is the sole re­spon­si­bil­ity of the con­cerned en­tity.


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